It started with a kneading.

Then a caress. From hands that

Sensually sense. Flesh that

Needed the touch, trembled.

It brought back memories of

What was left behind. For

Good reasons. Logical reasons

That made no sense right now.

Only her senses made sense. Lingering

Lips closed in where words became lost.

Stop. A voice from deep within yelled.

But never breached her outside aura.

The touching continued unabated.

She returned with gripping. Nails

Scratching, hair pulling tension.

Twisting her. Moving her.

The to and fro of he and she

Like crashing waves in a shallow cove.

Swirling together until they locked

In mindless, thoughtless, senseful instinct.


About rushmorejudd

Independent author of erotic stories.
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One Response to Rueful

  1. I like this poem! and I especially like how you ended it.

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