In The Kitchen

“I think I’ll see if Debi needs some help in the kitchen.”  He left his wife – her sister – in the living room entertaining the rest of the guests.  His expertise in the kitchen was well known and did not arose suspicion.  He hoped no one would see his bulge as he left the room.

Debi had been teasing him all day.  Planting her petite body on his shoulders while they picked apples in the early afternoon.  Her legs wrapped around his neck, the warmth between them exciting him.  He held her in place with his hands on her thighs once or twice even placing his hands firmly on her ass as she mounted him.

Even earlier she teased him in the morning coming down for breakfast freshly showered in a robe, that loosened occasionally.  Her eyes darting at his whenever she readjusted.  Her sister naively unaware.  Never suspecting.  Never noticing her hands furtively to his crotch whenever they were close enough.

In the kitchen he snuck up behind her and put his arms around her, surprising her, grabbing her breasts, kissing the nape of her neck.  She almost dropped the spoon, as she gasped.

“I thought maybe you could use a hand.”  One hand slid off her breast, down the front of her summer dress and pressed between her legs.  He kissed her ear.  She lifted her arms as she slowly twirled around to face him, hands and bodies slivering sensually against one another.  She reached down and felt his bulge.

“My, aren’t you showing.  I suppose everyone saw you.”  She rubbed his twisted compacted cock through his jeans.  His hand dipped below the hem of her dress and lifted it up.  His fingertips found their way to her cotton panties and began to drum on the slit between her puffy lips.  It didn’t take long for Debi’s lust to rear up.  They kissed deeply.  They shared a fire that was fueled by secret and forbidden acts and constant thoughts while she visited.

His fingers worked magic in the camel toe of her panties.  She wanted more and in spite of the danger of getting caught, she didn’t want him to stop.  She unzipped his jeans and putting the spoon down, used tow hands to free his monster.  He seemed so large to her.  She was so petite.  Her hands showed him the proper worship rubbing slowly, pulling the skin tightly over his full length.  She didn’t have the experience to actually get him off with her hand.

He could only stand this for so long.  The grabbed her wrists, his strength indicating his desperation.  He spun her around and bent her over the counter.  Lifting her dress he pulled her panties to the side, he slide his cock between her legs.  She had to reach between her legs to lead him in but he slid into her slippery tunnel easily.  They could hear laughter coming from the other room.  Her voice above the others unaware.  He had his hands on her hips and pumped her furiously as though time was their enemy.  Slapping his hips against her ass, digging deeper.  She loved his cock in her cunt.

Suddenly they could hear footsteps coming down the hall.  High heels clicking along the wooden floor.  They were going to get caught.  He couldn’t stop.  She didn’t want him to stop, but he went still for a moment.  She pulled up but not quite erect.  They heard the bathroom door close and together let out a sigh of relief.

She bent back down as he resumed.  His arms engulfed her pulled her closer to him by her breasts.  He was able to push her bra up off of her delicate breasts.  Fingers gripped the sides of her nipples.  Palms pressing their entirety.  His hips circled as they pumped.  The resulting explosion was that much greater for the pause.  She came first as he thrust harder beginning his explosions.  Her muffled groans were mixed with his steady grunts.

They heard the bathroom door open.  He pulled out quickly and hurriedly stuffed his slick cock back into his pants.  She smoothed her dress.  The clicking heels got louder.

“How’s it going, you two?”

“I think we finally have her under control.”  He wondered what would happen when she finally caught them.


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Independent author of erotic stories.
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2 Responses to In The Kitchen

  1. philpalm says:

    I would never fool around with the sister if I was going with the other sister. One older sister purposely fooled with me because she sense I was interested in her younger sister. As soon as her younger sister was no longer interested in me, the older sister stopped flirting with me….

  2. marica0701 says:

    Whew! Almost caught! 😀

    Fun little story!

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