Diary of a Sex Therapist, Part 3

Brandi introduced herself to Michael.  They were in the bedroom which was equipped with a single twin bed and a couple of straight back chairs.  I was watching through the webcam which was actually a series of unobtrusive cameras with multiple pictures delivered to the computer screen in my office.  I liked to let the client’s believe I reviewed tapes after the sessions which seemed to make them more comfortable but I preferred to watch live.  There was also a microphone in the room allowing me to monitor the conversation.

Michael stuttered, “Hello, B-B-Brandie.”

“Do you have any questions to begin with?”  Michael shook his head.  “Good.  Feel free to stop me or ask me questions at any time.  Okay?”  Brandi looked into his eyes forcing Michael to make eye contact.  I’ve talked with Dr. Potterfield about your problems and I think I can help you.  We’ll do some sensitivity training and I hope you’ll become more comfortable with me as our time progresses and maybe that will rub off on your relationship with other women.  Do you understand?”  Michael nodded.

“Well to begin with, I want you to verbalize your answers to my questions not just nod or shake your head.  Is that agreeable?”  Michael nodded.  “Is that agreeable?” Brandi repeated it a little louder.


“It’s OK if you stutter.  I don’t mind.”  Brandi stood up.  She was wearing a spaghetti strap green jersey with no bra and jeans with loafers.  Her golden hair was put up in a ponytail.  Her 5’4” frame hardly imposing.  She spun around.

‘What do you think of me, Michael?  Am I what you expected?”

“Y-Y-Yes.”  Brandi waited to see if he had anything to add.  Nothing.

“Is that all you can say?  Do you find me attractive?  Do you like what I’m wearing?  Any comments, compliments, insights?”

Michael was a bit put off but tried to muster a response.  Yes, he found her very attractive.  He liked what she was wearing.  And he thought she was very sexy.

“I can see you find me exciting.”  Brandi stared at the obvious lump in his pants.  “Do you think you are more likely to cum with your cock kept tightly inside your pants or sticking out?”

“P-P-Probably inside my pants.  It just gets so tight in there sometimes I can’t help it.”

“Well, then let’s free it up.  Do you want to do it or should I?”

“I’ll do it?”  He undid the belt of his slacks, unzipped them and fumbled around for a long time trying to wrest his penis through his underwear and out into the open.  It was quite long but rather thin.  Brandi handed him a tissue.

“Here use this if you feel yourself coming.  I wouldn’t want to send you home to mamma with soiled slacks.  They look like a nice pair.  And speaking of nice, you have a very nice cock.  It’s nice and long.  I can see why it gets so tight in your pants.  Definitely longer than the average but you probably know that already.”

He didn’t really know that and hearing it from a girl for the first time, made him feel good.

“Did you notice that I wasn’t wearing a bra, Michael?”

“Y-Y-Yes I did.”

“Well why didn’t you mention it?  Would you like to touch my breasts?”

“Y-Y-Yes.”  Brandi leaned forward and let him touch her breast.  He sort of poked at it but his inexperienced hands groping her made her nipples erect.   She worked with a lot of young naive clients and enjoyed their innocence and teaching them about sex.

“Tell me how they feel?”

“They’re soft and s-s-squishy.”  She noticed that his cock was twitching a bit.

“Would you like to take my top off?”  Michael stood as he lifted her shirt.  The tip of his cock grazed her jeans and that was all it took.  He let go of her jersey which was still wrapped around her neck and wrapped the tissue around the top of his cock.  Of course, the first spurt landed on Brandi’s jeans and the remaining sperm filled and overwhelmed the insufficient tissue.   Michael turned a bright red, his eyes cast down.


“Don’t be sorry.  That’s OK.”  She looked at the wet creamy substance on her jeans, dipped her finger in it and brought it to her mouth.  She gave Michael a deep, dirty look while she licked and tasted his cum.

“Hmm.  Your cum is very sweet.  Now that we have that out of the way.  Let’s get a little more comfortable and go for more.  Did you know that one way to deal with premature ejaculation is to always think about having two orgasms?”

To be Continued


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5 Responses to Diary of a Sex Therapist, Part 3

  1. are u a sexy therapist? seems i don’t know you well sorry….

  2. After a busy day of working…I’ve been saving your story to read at the end of my day. Kinda’ as a reward to myself. 🙂
    Brandi’s last question to Michael…and the answer “yes”…is truth.
    Keep ‘um coming, Rush! (I mean the chapters of your story! ;-))
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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