Diary 6, Marina (the longer version)

Hector was well prepared for this session.  When Marina entered the room he hugged her and complimented her on her outfit.

“Now I want you to take it off while I watch you strip.”  Marina obeyed and began undressing rather routinely.

“Have you ever stripped for a man?”


“The doctor has suggested that it might be a good idea to have you strip for a group of men.  What do you think about that?”  Marina blushed noticeably.

“I’m not sure that they would find it exciting.  I have a rather drab body as you can see.”

“There is nothing drab about your body.  And most men just aren’t that picky anyway.  So maybe in our next session together I’ll bring some of my friends along, we can put some music on, and you can do a strip for us?  Do you like to dance?”

“Sometimes, when I am in the mood.”  She had stripped off all of her clothes except her matching black laced bra and panties.

“Let’s practice.”  Hector pressed a button on his speaker system next to him and Flo Rida’s “Right Round” began playing.  She began – slowly at first – to move her hips.  Hector had to adjust his crotch, using his hand to straighten himself.  Marina noticed this and was encouraged by it.  She put a little more effort into it. 

She unhooked her bra and let it slide off her shoulders while she held the cups in her hand.  She slowly lowered the cups exposing her full breasts.  Removing the bra from her arms she twirled it in the air before tossing it aside.  She moved closer to Hector and leaned forward putting her nipples a few inches from his eager face.  He stuck out his tongue and went to lick her nipple when she pulled back.  Turning around she stuck her rear toward him and lowered her panties.

Hector was surprised with how easily Marina seemed to get into the spirit of the dance.  And he had to admit it made him hard watching her.  By the time the song was done, she was completely naked.  Hector instructed her to lie on the bed.

“Based on Dr. Potterfield’s analysis of your polygraph, he suggested that I tie you to the bed.  Do you have any objections to that?”

“No, I guess not.”  Hector ignored her uncertainty and reached under the bed to grab the loose ends of the restraints that were there.  Because the bed was rather small he tied each ankle to the edge of the bed, opening her up as much as possible and out her arms above her head tied each arm at the wrist to the top and each elbow to the side.  Very few restraints resulted in her total immobilization.


“How is that?  Is it comfortable?”  She nodded.  He reached into a bag he brought and pulled out a ball gag.  Marina wasn’t so sure she liked this but he didn’t ask for her permission and she was in no position to stop him as he placed it in her mouth and strapped it around her head.  He removed a camera from his bag and placed it on the seat of his chair.  He followed that with a blind fold.

“Okay Marina, now we are ready to begin our session.  By now you realize that I can anything I want to you and you will be unable to stop me.”  With that he pinched one nipple rather harshly causing Marina to utter a muffled groan.  “I am in complete control and can do to you what I wish.  Do you understand?”

She gave a muffled response.  Hector laughed.  “Oh yes, that’s right you can’t really talk can you? “  He pinched both nipples as hard as he could.  “Let’s hear you scream.”  And she did her best which was a muffled barely audible sound.  Hector laughed again and Marina thought it was a mean, sadistic laugh.  She began to feel afraid.  And her nipples hurt.  How much pain would he administer to her?

“I also have a camera here.  And I am going to document our session today with a few well chosen pictures.”  She blushed as she heard the camera clicking away.  Maybe the blindfold would hide her identity.  The blindfold kept her wondering what Hector was up to as he shuffled around the room.  Suddenly and without warning she felt his face between her thighs and his tongue began licking her slit.  The suddenness of it surprised her and made her jump and realize how incapacitated she was as her legs were unable to close with the reflex. 

He licked her for a few minutes, separating her coarse hair with his fingers until he achieved bare skin around her lips.  His face left.  She heard more clicking.  His lips found her nipples and sucked on them, making both of them rise to attention.  She heard more clicks.  While he sucked her nipples his hand was rubbing between her legs.

She felt his hand gently smooth a lock of hair from her face, followed by gentle kisses around her face.  He wiped a small amount of drool from around her mouth.  She was reminded of the gentle Hector who made love to her last week.  There was a pause in the action.  Hector was moving around again.  She heard him reaching into his bag.  He opened a jar and smeared a cold greasy cream on her vagina, which he proceeded to rub into her opening.

His finger trailed deeper and penetrated her anus just slightly.  She heard him moving around again.  Maybe it wasn’t his finger.  Maybe he put something in her.  She moved her hips from side to side and she felt the probe circling inside.  She heard another click of the camera.

“You’re probably wondering what I will do with these pictures.  I’m thinking about posting them on the internet.  Maybe on a dating service with your name and contact information.  I’m sure it would bring a lot of attention to you.

“The polygraph showed that you like to be dominated and have sex forced on you.  Don’t you agree?”  Marina could not answer with the gag in her mouth.  Hector squeezed and twisted both of her nipples together.  “Do you agree?”  She gave out a muffled incoherent response.  Hector began flicking her nipples with his fingers.  His hands rested on the bottom of her breasts and he flicked each of them harshly.  Marina groaned, feeling the pain he was inflicting but realizing she was enjoying the pain.  She had never experienced this sort of domination.

When Hector finished slicking her nipples, they were hard and sore.  Marina felt him put some sort of adjustable clamp on each tightening them quite hard.  The initial pain gave way to a constant pressure.  They suddenly started to vibrate sending waves of tingling through the tip of her breasts.  Hector started a vibrator, she recognized the sound, but she generally didn’t use one.  She never found that she achieved an orgasm with them either.  Hector placed the back side of his fingers in the folds of her vagina.  He then placed the vibrator in the palm of his hand.  Marina felt the vibrations through his hand.

The vibrator dug deeper and touched the probe in her ass sending vibrations into her cheeks from the inside.  He slowly removed his hand and pressed the vibrator into her pussy.  It was a very strong vibrator, mush stronger than anything she had ever tried.  At first, it hurt as he pressed it against her lips near her opening.  As he slowly moved it north she could feel the vibrations move over her body ahead of the vibrator.  As the vibrations began to reach her clit, she cringed with the immensity of their power.  Too much, she thought.  Her hips were gyrating in an attempt to escape the sensations.  Strange sounds came out of her open mouth.

“Do you want me to tell you some of the other things we are contemplating for your treatment?  It seems you have fantasized about sex with multiple men and sex in public.”  Hector was moving the vibrator up and down and around her clit.  “We’re thinking of arranging a gang bang for you.  And either filming it or actually arranging for it in a public place.  Maybe we will have the men penetrate both your ass and your pussy at the same time.  Do you think that will hurt?”  He took one finger and pushed on the probe in her ass swirling it around in a circle.

Marina was panting now and having some trouble with the ball gag in her mouth.  She had become accustomed somewhat to the vibrations and felt them shaking her clit creating more stimulation than she had ever felt before.  She still continued to move her hips as her body fought against the assault on her body.  She regretted telling the Doctor about her fantasies.  Hector was speaking of things she dreamed about although rarely but she never wanted to actually be raped in public by a group f men.  Not in real life.

Hector pushed the vibrator between her legs, touching the anal probe and with his hands he flicked the clamps on her nipples causing her pain.  A pain that faded slowly into pleasure.  He lifted the vibrator back toward her clit and then the fingers of his free hand penetrated her pussy.  His penetration was hard and fast, pressing against the upper wall of her vagina.  He continued this onslaught without letup.  This was the final straw and drove Marina to a new level of excitement.  She arched her hips as her juices let go, not just flowing but spurting in torrents of juice.  She wondered if she was urinating.  So much liquid, yet such a feeling.  Waves of pleasure washed over her.  Incredible sensations filled her entirety. 

“That’s it, Marina.  Good girl.  Let it go.”  He continued to press his advantage the whole while she was in her state of ecstasy toying with her clit and slamming his fingers deep inside.  She was having trouble breathing and he released her to quickly remove the gag.  She was gasping for air but smiling.  Hector finished removing her anal probe and patting her wet pussy while he moved her clamps and restraints.

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  2. Kristi says:

    well that wasn’t hot at all. *fanning self*

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