Diary of a Sex Therapist 9, Michael

Michael and Brandi

Michael arrived early which made Brandi smile.  He was enjoying these sessions and eager to be there.  She brought him in early to reward his enthusiasm.

“How are you today, Michael?”

“I-i-i’m g-g-good.”

“Well today we are going to turn the tables a little.  Today you will begin to build your confidence in dealing with women.  I am going to teach you how to make love to a woman, so that you can become a great lover.  Does that sound like something you are interested in?”

“Y-y-yes.”  I thought he was going to pop his load right there as I watched from the comfort of my office through the video feed.  Brandi was such a fox.  She could exude sexuality as easily as some could talk.  She was completely at ease with her own sexuality.

“Maybe if you become more comfortable with your sexual ability, you’ll get rid of that stutter.  Come over here and take off my clothes.”  Michael obeyed, first looking a little stunned as to where to begin, he realized that the buttons on her blouse made the most sense.  The first one was easy but the next one right between her breasts gave him a hard time.  And his hardon was quite noticeable.  He eventually removed her blouse.  She refused to turn around and he had to reach back and fumble with her bra strap for a long time before she finally gave up and turned around.

“See how this is constructed.  There are hooks and you have to pull one way moving the straps closer until the hooks free.”  He unhooked her bra using two hands.  “Hook it back together and try it again with one hand.”  He did this and she made him do it one more time but from the front this time.  As he leaned in close to her, reaching back for her bra she kissed him on the cheek.  He removed the bra sliding the shoulder straps down her arm.

“Good.  The movement of your hands along my arms while you remove it is very sensual.”  She slipped out of her sandals while he began to work on the belt of her shorts, then her zipper.  “Don’t be afraid to touch me sensually while you are doing this.  You can touch me anywhere you want in whatever way you want.”  She could see him go weak in the knees.

“For example, when you are removing someone’s pants sometimes it’s fun to put your hand down the front first.  Sometimes the zipper will just work its way free with your hand on the inside.”  It was too late for him to try this, of course, as he was pulling her shorts down over her slim smooth legs.  She only had her tiny panties on.

“Now use a little sensual touch as you remove my panties, Michael.”  He got on his knees reached behind her placing his hands on the top edge of her panties and began to slowly peel then off her behind.  Making sure to run his fingertips along her rounded flesh, he followed her curves along her bottom to the tops of her thighs.  He pressed his face against her stomach and kissed her.  His hands moved around to the side of her thighs and pulled her panties down and off her legs.

“That was very good Michael.  You have do have a natural talent.  Look at how my nipples have responded.”  She held her breasts displaying her nipples to him while enjoying a little squeeze.  “Now let’s see what you know about exciting a woman’s breasts.”

Michael stood up and put his lips around one of her nipples.  He then started to bite it.

“Ouch.  Not like that.  That’s too rough.  Some women like it rough like that but it’s a small minority.  Licking, sucking and kissing is good.  Biting and pinching have to be done gently and with extreme care.  She led him to the bed where she lay down.  “Let’s try that some more.”

Michael kissed her nipple and sucked on it.

“Yes that’s good.  Try a little squeezing with it.  Touch my other nipple.  Oh.  Too hard.  Graze it gently with your fingertip.  Run around the edge in a circle.  Nice.”  She let him go for a while, then showed him some squeezing techniques and let him try that.  “And don’t just focus on one nipple move back and forth a bit.  Very good.”   Michael was a fast learner.  Brandi was enjoying herself and his ministrations.

“Okay.  Now for some advanced training on the other erogenous zones.  Are you ready?”


“Have you ever seen a woman’s pussy up close?”

“N-n-no.  Not since I was born.”  Brandi laughed at his joke.  Again she felt an overwhelming urge to hug this kid.  He was so very cute.

“Well take a close look.”  She moved her hands down to her clean shaven pussy and pulled her outer lips apart.  Michael moved his face within a couple of feet.  Brandi enjoyed this part of her job.  She was an exhibitionist at heart and showing off to young boys was definitely one of the enjoyments of the job.  “There are two sets of lips inner and outer.  See.  Can you see where my opening is?”


“Touch it.”  He put his finger on the outer edge of her vagina.  “Yes, that’s it.  Now push your finger in just a little.  Good.  Feel how tight that is with just one finger.  Now make a circle and press on the edge.  I like the way that feels.  It’s a good way to start.  Hmmm.” 

She let him do that for a while before beginning again.  “Okay now we’ll find my clit.  It’s hidden a bit.”  She still had her lips held open.  “Run your finger tip up through the deepest part of my pussy.  Find the crease between the lips.  When you get to the top stop.  Yes right there.”  She took a deep breath.  “Right now you are at the bottom of my clit.  Clits are very sensitive and just holding your finger there excites me.  And I can feel every tiny movement.  I want you to slowly lift your finger until you feel my whole clit.  Ahhhh.  Yes.”

“Can you feel how it is hard like a tiny penis?”

“Sort of.” 

“Try it with your tongue.  You may have to hold my lips open.  Run your tongue through my crevice and all the way up like you did your finger.  Oh, Michael, you have no idea how good that feels.  Please do it again.”  He did and then she lifted his face off of him.  She didn’t want him to stop but knew she had to finish his instruction.  Dr. Potterfield was watching.

“Each woman has a different clit and each has a different way she likes to be excited.  Most won’t tell you exactly what they like, so how are you going to tell?”

“I don’t know.”

“By their reaction.  Try different techniques and listen to their breathing, their moaning, feel how their flesh reacts, if their muscles tighten, etc.  I think you are a natural at listening to a woman’s body.  Some like you to run circles around their clit because it’s often to sensitive too touch it directly, so just getting close and causing movement in the area is what they like.  Some like you to suck on it.  Others like you to flick it either with your tongue or your fingers as fast as you can.  Whatever you do make sure there is plenty of moisture present, either from her pussy or from your own mouth.  So let’s try these three techniques.  Make yourself comfortable between my legs and let’s see how you do.”

Michael did very well.  And Brandi encouraged him with her moans and her hands in his hair.  Whenever, he hit a good spot she would overtly react even arching her hips occasionally.  It wasn’t hard to do.  He was genuinely very good and she was genuinely excited by him.  There was not much to chide him about.  Her pulse was racing and her breathing was much quicker.  At one point she decided to let herself have an orgasm.  It was not part of the training but something she needed.

“Please suck on my clit some more, Michael.  And put your fingers inside of me.  Deeper.  Push them in and out.  Faster.  Oh god yes.  Suck me, lick me.  Yes, yes yes!”  She gripped his hair with her hands in tight fistfuls and let herself go.  Michael could feel her orgasm as she thrust her hips toward his mouth and moaned loudly.

“Enough.  Enough.”  She pulled his head up and kissed him and hugged him.  “Thank you, Michael, that was wonderful.”

“Did you have an orgasm?”  Brandi smiled, her hands cupping his head, fingers in his thick brown hair.

“Yes, of course I did.  Did you?”

“Yes I accidentally went off while I was licking you.”  She gave him another hug.  He was eager to please and would make a good lover.

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12 Responses to Diary of a Sex Therapist 9, Michael

  1. marica0701 says:

    Sounds like I need a Michael, haha

  2. I’m really enjoying your Diary series, Rush!
    Thank you for sharing!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. cocosangel says:

    But Michael is a boy! I don’t want to end up in jail! 😀 😛

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  5. Kristi says:

    mmmmm, this is very nice. I may have to spend some time exploring here. 🙂

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