Diary of a Sex Therapist, Part 10

Lena and I

I was ready for Lena when we met again.  I was prepared for her to be sexually aggressive toward me.  I had decided for this session, I would not have sex with her.

“Tell me Lena, what is the longest time you’ve gone without having sex with a man?”

“Maybe a week.  Probably not that long.  I guess it depends how far back you want to go.  Maybe when I was 15.”  She was wearing a tight fitted red dress that showed off her hourglass figure.  Spaghetti straps, naked legs, and 2 inch heels completed the seductresses outfit.

“Have you ever tried to go without sex?”

“Not really.  I can’t control my urges and when I want sex – when I’m horny – I just do it.”  She crossed her legs.  Her dress crawled up her thigh exposing almost all of it. 

“Are you satisfied with the way you behave?”

“Sometimes I’m ashamed of my behavior but most times, I’m okay with it.  Depends on the guy and the circumstances.”  She began rocking her upper leg.

“Have you ever met a man that you wanted to have a long term relationship with?”

“Oh yes.  A couple I guess.  But it’s been a while.  I kind of gave up on that way of thinking.”  Her leg seemed to be moving faster now and in a wider arch.

“Why do you think you go after all these men?”  She sat a bit straighter in the chair as if taken aback by my comment.

“Most of the time, these men come after me, you know.  I don’t have to do much chasing.”  She seemed genuinely hurt by my comment which I hadn’t intended. 

“I’m sorry, Lena.  I didn’t mean it like that.  You are an extraordinarily beautiful woman and I’m sure there are many men who pursue you.  Let me ask this a different way.”  She seemed to settle down a bit.  “You say that you desire a lot of men.  Where do you think this desire comes from?”

Lena stood up and unzipped the side of her dress.  “I think it might be physical.  I think there is something wrong with my clit.”  By this time she had stepped out of the dress and wore a matching bra and panty set – white, lacy and very revealing.  She moved toward me, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor, and sat down on the couch beside my chair.

“Here, take a look.”  She removed her panties and opened her legs exposing her entire genital region to my view.  Her lips were clean shaven and there was a small patch of closely trimmed hair in a triangle above her pussy.  This arrow of hair seemed to be pointing downward as though I needed a directional signal.  I tried to act nonchalant but I could feel my pants squeezing my growing member.  I wasn’t completely immune to this woman’s charms. 

She spread her lips and pulled them upwards.  “Have you ever seen a clit as large as mine, Doctor?  Can you see it?  Come closer.  Really, I think it is abnormal.”  I did turn my chair and dip my head a little closer.  Sure enough, her clit was one of the largest I’d ever seen.  It was clearly visible and stood close to an inch long.

“Have you been examined by an OBGYN?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“And what did they tell you?  Did they find that it was abnormal?”

“No.  He just said it was large but not abnormal, but I think it demands more attention because of its size.  I hate it and wish I was just normal like every other woman.  Sometimes I think I might be a hermaphrodite.  You know, part man.  Cause I think like a man about sex.  I want sex for sex sake and I don’t care about all the love stuff that other women seem concerned with.  And I’m horny all the time.  My clit is hard right now.  Touch it and see how hard it is.”

I found I couldn’t resist her suggestion.  I was fascinated by the size of her clit.  I reached out and touched it.  I held it between my two forefingers and my thumb and unconsciously pushed her outer skin down the shaft.  She moaned and lifted her hips slightly.  I pulled away but it did feel like a small penis.  It was hard and sensitive and definitely the biggest clit I had ever seen.

I looked over at her sitting in her bra and high heels.  Her legs spread open, hips on the edge of the couch.  Her fingers were still spreading her privates.  I was excited by the inside of her thighs and for a second fancied how my head would fit.

“Well it’s possible that there is a physical component to your problem but I think we should focus on the mental aspects.  It is after all where my expertise lies.”

“Are you sure, you don’t want to work on this, Doctor?”  She thrust her hips toward me.

“No thank you.”  I deliberately did not qualify my answer even though I still was thinking that sex with this client might be necessary.  If only to get the sexual tension out of the way.

“Don’t you find me attractive, Doctor?”

“It’s not that.  It’s not that at all.  I just think that, for now, we need to focus on the psychological side of your problem.  I find you very attractive.”

“But not irresistible?”

“Does that make me more attractive to you, Lena?  The fact that I may find you resistible.”

She looked me over, finally releasing her lips from her fingertips.  “I don’t know.  But I do find you very attractive.”  She got up from the couch and moved behind me.  She took off her bra and wrapped it around my neck.

“I am attracted to you.  And I find my hormones out of control.”  Her fingers began running through my hair as she pressed closer to me.  “I can feel my pussy getting hotter and wetter.  It’s as though you are playing with it.”  She pressed her breasts against my hair.  Her hands moved down the front of my shirt.  “Just being naked with you got my juices flowing.” 

“What would you like to have happen right now?” 

“I would like to suck on your cock.  I would like to get it hard and stiff and see it respond to my touch.  I want you to suck on my pussy and fuck me hard right here on the floor.”  I felt her warm breath against my neck causing goosebumps.  Her hands worked their way inside my shirt.  Her words were flashing images through my mind.  I felt her breasts rubbing against me, smelt her fresh feminine fragrance.  I was surrounded by her naked skin, so soft and supple.

My heart was racing and my mind was blurred by the miasma of this woman.  I could fuck her.  Would probably have to, to get it out of the way, so we could move forward.  But was right now the time.  It took all the mental strength I had to stand up and pull myself away from her gentle caresses. 

“Not today, Lena, not today.”  I helped her gather her clothes and get dressed.  “For our next session, I’d like to plan 2 hours.  Are you okay with that?”  She gave me a big smile and her assent.  I hoped I’d get some therapy in before she attacked me next time.

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13 Responses to Diary of a Sex Therapist, Part 10

  1. marica0701 says:

    Wow, the level of restraint and control in the doctor! Haha.

    And did you delete the first part of Lena’s story?

  2. cocosangel says:

    Oh no, just at the height, he stopped. 😦

  3. Okay, I’m gonna’ sit right here until the 2 hour session starts!
    I love the way you ended this one!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. I’m still sitting here.

  5. mala says:

    waiting on that 2 hr session, as well!

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