Soldier Boy

(Reprinted from July 2010)

Todd was finally coming home. It had been almost three years since he was first assigned to Afghanistan. Then there was his reassignment to Iraq. Amy was so excited. She was only fourteen when her brother left. She had grown into form a bit awkwardly at first but now was in full bloom. She was like an azalea bush bursting with color, busting out in full curves everywhere you looked. She was in control of her body now and confident of her sexuality. When she smiled, her face glowed. She gave off pure light. A small slice of heaven, innocent and full of life.

She had taken the day off from school to greet Todd. Mom and dad would join them at dinner time. She waited impatiently. Excited. So much to tell him. 

She was just pouring herself her second cup of coffee – something she never did – when she heard the front door open. She ran from the kitchen through the living room and threw herself into Todd’s waiting arms. His mass surprised her. She worried she might knock him over in her excitement but he was as steady as a rock. He picked her up and easily lifted her above his head. He made her feel like a little girl again and those memories of when they played together washed over her and she began to cry and laugh. As he slid her down she hugged him with her tightest hug and reveled in the strength of his muscular frame. Her face nuzzled against the nape of his neck. 

Todd could feel the supple body of his sister as she pressed against him and it made him a bit uncomfortable. Trapped in Muslim country for so long didn’t lead to the most satisfying sex and he was easily stirred by the supple body of his younger sister. He put her down on the ground and hunching over her began to tickle her like he did when they were kids. She squirmed and squealed.

“Glad to see that some things are still the same,” he said. He continued to tickle her until she could stand it no longer.

“Stop. Stop. Please,” she begged. He backed away from her. He picked up his duffle bag and moved into the living room.

“So, what’s new sis? What have you been up to?” 

“Well this is new,” she said posing her frame, hand on hip. “Do you see any difference?”

“Oh, yes. I couldn’t help but notice. You’ve all grown up. And beautifully too. My little sister has grown into a beautiful flower of womanhood.”

She smiled and ran over to the chair he was seated in, jumped into his lap, straddling his waist with her legs and gave him a hug. And then she kissed him. On the lips, not fleetingly but not sexually. Her lips were soft, a loving kiss with meaning. He kissed her back.

“That’s enough of that!” he said. “Tell me what you’ve been up to.” Amy continued to sit on his lap. Todd had chosen a straight backed chair and she was comfortable straddling him. When she began to tell him all about the experiences in her life over the past two years, she became more and more excited. Her speech became faster and faster and she added hand motions and body movements. Todd was listening but he was also very aware of every time her legs shifted slightly. He could feel his cock growing under the movements of her mounded bottom. He didn’t feel right about it but just couldn’t help himself.

Then as quickly as she jumped on him she gracefully left his lap in mid sentence, never stopping for a breath. She was talking about how she had become very interested in science and how she took a bunch of electives and was good at math and she was going to Purdue next fall. She thought she might become a biologist. 

“What about boys?” he asked. She was now moving around the room occasionally sitting here and there but too excited to stay still. 

“Oh, there have been some but mostly immature high school boys. Mostly they are stupid about girls and what we want. Their idea of a good time is getting together on a Saturday night and playing video games.” She did have her eye on one guy, Brian, but nothing had happened with him so far. He was on the football team. 

“And OH, I’m on the cheerleading squad. Crazy, I know. But it has been a lot of fun. We do a lot of sophisticated dances. Wanna see a cheer?”

“Sure, I’d love too.” She dashed out of the room yelling something about a minute. He took the time to straighten the rod in his pants. She returned shortly in her cheerleader outfit. It was classic. Dark blue with a big red “B” on the top with a pleated skirt that combined the blue and red. She even had her pom poms. The top looked a bit small and stretched across her bulbous breasts making the upper part of the “B” look bigger. It didn’t quite come down to the top of the skirt, showing off her taut midriff. The thin straps of the top did not hide the athletic bra she wore under it. She was barefoot.

Todd found himself responding to his sexy little sister and was trying hard not to react sexually. He reminded himself of his own high school days and how these outfits were meant to be cute and innocent. His cock wasn’t listening, though, and he remembered just how long it had been since he had sex. Normally his sister wouldn’t excite him. It was just that he was so horny. 

She turned and raised her arms and kicked her legs and sifted her hips. Her full breasts wobbled as she moved up and down. Very sexy, he thought. He couldn’t help but notice that she apparently didn’t put on the panties that go with the outfit since he could see flashes of white as she lifted her legs. She finished with a flurry of jumps that caused her skirt to lift high and revealed her white bikini cut panties in all their glory. She ran over to the chair jumping on his lap again and asked if he liked it.

“You look like the high school dream girl that every boy wants. Where did you learn all of those sexy moves? You have rhythm and can dance. I never had those skills.”

“Well, look at you! You’re all muscle.” She grabbed his biceps with her hands, then ran them across his chest and over his shoulders. He could feel his hard member sitting up straight and he felt her crotch surround it. Without her jeans on, only the thin cotton of her panties and his khaki pants was between them. Not enough to hide his engorged pole. As she shifted around to squeeze his muscles he could feel her pussy lips slide around his pole. 

“And what have you been up to?” she asked quietly. Her voice seemed so much more intimate.

“Nothing to talk about.”

“What about girls? You must have every nurse and female private lusting after you.”

He laughed. “No such luck. Not where I have been.”

She rolled her hips over his middle.

“Does that explain the muscle I feel here?” His face went red. “Poor baby!” She leaned forward and kissed him. First on his lips, then on one side of his face. She slowly ran her mouth across to the other side of his face and planted another kiss. Her hips began to move slowly and deliberately along his length.

“We can’t do th…” She covered his mouth with hers and gave him a deep passionate kiss and continued to roll her hips against him. He forgot momentarily what he was going to say. She hugged him tight and rubbed more deliberately. He was beginning to get lost in the feeling of her pussy rubbing up against his groin. He remembered how when he was a teenager he used to dry hump his girlfriend.

“Amy, please stop. This isn’t right.”

“It’s OK. Just enjoy the feeling. Your little sister is all grown up and not as innocent as you remember.” She shifted upward onto his hips focusing the tip of his elongated muscle. Her breasts dangled in front of his face. She was enjoying the rocking as much as he and she could feel her juices flowing. 

He murmured, “No,” but she ignored him and continued. His willpower was waning and she knew it. She pushed her chest forward so that it touched his mouth. He buried his face between her breasts. She lifted her top grabbing her bra simultaneously and removed them both, tossing them to the floor. She pressed her naked top against his face. He greedily lapped at her nipples twisting his head between them. His arms were around her under her arms. She was rocking vigorously now in a steady rhythm, moaning at each backward thrust as her clit slid along his pole.

He was giving in completely. Her naked breasts had won him over. The touch of her soft hairless feminine skin against his face. Or was it the sexual movements of her hips over his member. He slid forward in the chair to increase the tension and could feel her riding his entire length. His hips moving slightly to the rhythm as well. He could no longer claim his conscious was bothering him. He was simply giving in and being his animal self. Just feeling it happen.

He heard his sister vocalize her orgasm as she picked up the pace. It was his sister and it was wrong. He released immediately. Grunting to her moans. He hugged her tight and reveled in the softness of her hair, the flesh of her naked back and the sweet smell of her sex.

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