X-Ray Technician

I had an X-Ray of my lower back today.  The technician was a very attractive woman about 15 years younger than me.  The X-Ray Lab was packed.  Aren’t they always?  I had to wait about 20 minutes past my appointment time to get called.  The technician put me in the X-Ray room, handed me a Johnny and told me to put it on.  She was obviously in a hurry and returned while the Johnny was above my head.  My blue boxers exposed to the air.  I really didn’t mind and felt a bit amused by it. 

The conversation was easy.  About how hard she worked but she seemed to genuinely like her job.  She asked about me, my injury, my work.  She said I would be more comfortable taking the pictures standing versus lying on the table.  I agreed when she asked for it, although this was such a rare occurrence for me I had no idea what would be more comfortable.

Then she began positioning me.  More specifically my hips.  Her hands gently framed my hips , her fingertips crept into the tender area of my abdomen.  Did she have any idea?  She stood close behind me guiding my hips this way and that, taking 5 or 6 X-Rays.  Now I was glad I was wearing the Johnny.  Now there was something private to hide. 

Her hands were gentle, her fingertips expertly laid on me.  I reacted to her touch.  I wonder if she had any idea.  We chatted.  She complimented me.  Called me smart.  Was it possible that she was flirting with me?  I was putty in her hands.  Please leave your hand there a little longer, I thought.  Please move it a little closer.  May I kiss you?  I wondered if my excitement showed as she disappeared behind the curtain, telling me to hold my breath.  Another shot, another positioning but soon it was over as quickly as it started.  People in the waiting room.  Wait while she checks the X-Rays.

Tempted to remove the Johnny.  To show her the results of her professional training on my clearly unprofessional body.  But reason prevents me.  Instead I hope all the X-Rays come out blurry and I have to get more.  Likely, though, that I will never see her again. The thought depresses me yet I will focus on the thrill.  I’m so easy.


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6 Responses to X-Ray Technician

  1. erikamsteele says:

    LOL. This reminds me of this time where I was shadowing people involved with public health. This doctor was just like, “just feel the veins in his thighs…feel how thick and hard they are.” The man was like, “Go ahead and touch them.” He was cute, but it was awkward having this lady rub my fingers over this man’s thighs while explaining about his clogged arteries. Now you have me wondering what he thought about the situation.

  2. blacktarheart says:

    Mm. Moments that keep us up.

  3. blacktarheart says:

    Reblogged this on live free or die trying.

  4. It’s nice to be so easy.
    I hope the x-rays turn out blurry, too.
    “…clearly unprofessional body…” I love that! 🙂
    Well, yes, focus on the thrill…and write her into a few of your stories.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  5. digitalgranny says:

    She sounds very professional and what a wonderful job this would be if she were a control freak and knew exactly what reaction she was causing and still be able to walk away.
    Well written.

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