Diary of a Sex Therapist, Binita 2

I wasn’t sure if I would see her again even though we had a scheduled appointment.  She arrived about 5 minutes late and I was quickly convinced that this shy woman from India would stand me up.   I had made it clear that I was expecting her to get naked in front of me, something that I know she would find very difficult to do.

“Hi Binita.  I’m glad to see you came today.  I had my doubts.”

“I did too Doctor.  I almost didn’t come.”

“Did you think a lot about what would be required of you if you came today?”

“Yes I did.”

“Did the thought excite you?”

“It scared me.”

“Well we will try to make this as comfortable for you as we can.  Afterall, that is the whole purpose of our meetings – to make you comfortable with your naked body and with sex.  So come close to me and stand right here.”  I reached under her skirt and she tried to pull away.  “Stay still.  I want to test a theory.”  With both hands I reached under her skirt which the pleats allowed me to do easily.  Under her skirt she wore nylon pantyhose and rather large white cotton panties. 

With some effort I managed to get her panties and hose pulled down exposing her rather hairy black bush.  Her hands were touching my wrists apparently so that she could pull my hands away from her is she needed to.  I asked her to open her legs as much as she could with her panties and hose half way down her thigh.  Then I stuck my fingers in between her legs.  Her hand gripped my wrist hard trying to remove it.  But I held my ground, assuring her that it would be alright.  I found her crevice and stuck my finger into the opening of her vagina.  As I suspected, she was sopping wet.  I gathered some of her moisture onto my finger and pulled out.  She stopped her squirming.

“See this here, Binita.  This is proof that you are excited about our session.  That you did get excited about thinking about it.  Does the state of being excited scare you?  Can you distinguish between the two emotions?”

She stuttered a bit.  “I’m not sure.”

“Okay well I want you to feel safe in her with me.  Come.”  I led her into the room with a bed.  I closed and locked the door.   “There is just the two of us.  Now I want you to get undressed and get completely naked for me.”  I turned down the dimmer light to soften the mood and sat in the one chair in the room.  She began by removing the panties and hose which were half way down her thighs still.  Then her blouse, her slip and reluctantly her bra.  She tried to turn her back to me but I admonished her.  Her brown breasts were topped with large rosy aureoles and her brown nipples where large and protruding.  They looked like they were begging to be suckled.  Many bumps were visible around the edges.  I was looking forward to licking them.

“That’s very good Binita.  Very good.  I’m proud of you.  Now, move your hands away from your pussy and put them by your side.  Very good.  Now slowly turn around.  Excellent.  You have a very beautiful body.  Now come closer to me.”  She took a step forward and I encouraged her to come closer.  As soon as she was within reach I put my hands around her hips and slowly slid them down her backside.  She was trembling slightly.

“You should try to become more comfortable with your naked body.  When you are home alone, wear very little or no clothes.  Try wearing just a slip, for example.  No bra or panties.  Try dancing to some music naked.  You need to appreciate how your naked body can affect men.  Here can you see the bulge I have here.”  I took a moment to adjust the thick bulge in my pants while she watched me.

Have you ever considered trimming your hair here?”   I ran my fingers through her coarse black public hair.  I deliberately moved my finger tips along the edges of her vulva and across the flesh of her hooded clit.  I heard her moan a muffled “No.”  “You should think about it.  Open your legs a bit.”  She did as she was told. 

“Good girl.”  I reached my hand between her legs.  Reached under to touch the bottom of her bum and slid my fingers forward into the folds and cracks of her flesh.  Her trembling became more noticeable and her breathing was loud and labored.  I could feel the juices pouring out of her.  I ran my finger along the edge of her slit.  After a few moments of doing this I was afraid she was going to fall down.  I got up from the chair and set her into it.  Standing in front of her, my pants at eye level, I asked her to remove my pants.  She hesitated but I insisted and she did.  My cock sprang out of my boxers through the slit, pointing at her forehead.

“Have you ever touched a man’s penis?”

“Yes a couple of times.”

“Touch mine.”  She reached up for it with her right hand and leaned to the left as though it would hit her in the face.  She touched it tentatively with her fingertips.  She squeezed it with her thumb and forefinger as if it was a toe.

“Don’t be so delicate.  Grab it with your whole hand.  Pull it as hard as you can.”  Her hand slipped off the end.  I nodded and she continued again.  She obviously had no idea what to do so I showed her the more sensitive parts of my cock, how to stroke it and explained to her about the uncomfortable flesh against raw flesh friction.  I managed to remove my boxers while I was demonstrating various parts of my anatomy.  I hinted that she should moisten my cock with her mouth but she was really shocked at the idea and I let it go.

There was some lotion in the side table and I settled for that.  I had her apply some to my cock and told her to rub me.  She got better under my verbal instructions but she wasn’t going to get me off.  I was excited and would have loved to have gotten off.  I let her play for a while.  She entered another world, eyes focus on my erect cock.  Her hands stroked it, amazed by its movement.  She was fascinated by the way my cock bobbed and reacted to her touch.  She let go and watched it much to my consternation.   I wanted her to continue the rhythm of her stroking but she kept breaking off to watch it struggle, pop and beg for attention.

It was an excruciating torture.  I loved the excitement.  I loved being on the edge but it was frustrating at the same time.  I suggested some cuddling.  The two of us naked on the bed.  It helped to bring me from the brink and calm myself some but her soft brown skin was exciting still.  I cupped her breasts from behind and my fingers found her bumpy nipples.  I enjoyed the smell of her skin as my lips found the back of her neck.

When the session ended we both dressed and she left.  I immediately returned to the bedroom, threw off my pants and jerked myself off with the thoughts of her nakedness, her resistance, her shyness.  Together we would explore her sexuality and awaken her desires.

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7 Responses to Diary of a Sex Therapist, Binita 2

  1. vicbriggs says:

    A whirlwind certainly. I would never dare to write in quite this much detail, but I am quite taken with the direct manner through which you explore both language and subject.

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  3. Kristi says:

    and i’m left hanging as this was the last of them all. much like Lena. lol

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