His Stare

She told me…

He leered at me.  Looked me over.  His eyes traveling up and down eyeing every inch of my body.  A shudder rolled down my back.  He was the handsome one.  Why was he staring at me so voraciously?  Was he making fun of me?  I wasn’t especially good looking but he was tall, fit, dark, well dressed.  The kind of man every woman wants.

So far, I had avoided his eyes.  Or rather, I had avoided making eye contact.  I couldn’t avoid his eyes, standing as I was waiting for the valet to bring my car around.  I decided to stare back at him.  Give him the hard cold angry stare that scared them all away. 

But he didn’t blink.  He didn’t look away.  He looked into my eyes and smiled.  Another shudder shook my essence.  His eyes slowly traveled down while his smile broadened.  My body moved involuntarily.  I wiggled my breasts and shifted my hips.  I didn’t mean to but he seemed to like it. 

I looked him over again.  My gawd what a beautiful man.  Tall – and you know what that means.  Probably.  Why was I thinking that?  He came toward me and I looked away.  Where was my car?  The valet was just pulling it in front.

He closed the gap between us.  Got terribly close.  “Can you give me a lift?”  I turned toward him and he was practically right on top of me.  Excitingly close.  He smelled great.  I resisted the urge to hug him.  Huddle against him.

“Yes,” I said, not “sure” or “why” or “to where.”  Just “Yes.”  He smiled and put his arm around me giving me a familiar one-armed hug. 

“I’ll drive,” he said, and he opened the passenger door gallantly for me.  I got in as he bopped around to the other side.  He jumped into the driver’s seat deftly.  I was glad to be seated.  More sure of my quivering legs, more comfortable in the familiar surroundings of My car.  Wait I had never driven in the passenger side of this car.  What was I doing?  I had turned over control to him.  He didn’t say a word, nor did I, all the way to his place.  He just turned and stared and smiled at me.  


About rushmorejudd

Independent author of erotic stories. https://rushmorejudd.wordpress.com/ https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Rushmore
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2 Responses to His Stare

  1. marica0701 says:

    He could be a serial killer but thank goodness this is erotica so we know what happens when they arrive at his house! 😀 haha.

    Nice piece here.

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