She stood in front of the video game machine intent on doing her damage.  Her legs tightly poured into skinny jeans were open.  Her hips thrust forward.  Hands on the controls.  Face glued to the large hooded screen.  Her concentration allowed me to focus on her beautiful figure.  Slim hips, tight tucked tushy.  I roamed wantonly.  Seeing her pelvis pressed against the bottom of the machine, I imagined my face accepting her.  Licking and sucking while she boldly pressed her hips against me.  I felt my hands gripping her tight ass, fingers working their way into her crack.  A fingertip to push her forward deeper into my mouth.

I was glad that the parlor was dark.  I probably stood out like a perverted letch.  Letting my imagination run wildly over her.  Over every each of her.  I hoped that no one had seen my growing reaction.  Once enlarged they might just think I was well blessed and watching her game not her.  Taking comfort in that I moved a little closer, behind her, not so close to disturb her but close enough to sense her excitement.  The slight smell of sweat mixed with a wonderful aroma of her.  Unique, musty, sweet.  I wanted to eat her up.  I wanted to cuddle up behind her, put my arms around her and place a soft sexy kiss on the nape of her neck.  That smooth, sensitive, curve, from where her shivers would spring.  I would feel her knees go weak as she fell into my arms.

From a distance I suckled this woman.  Ran my face, my hands, my eyes over her body.  Left her breathless.  Took her from behind.  Dined at her secret sensitive places without her knowledge.  I couldn’t help myself.  She commanded my cock.  Brought it to attention.  Let it take over my logic.  Made me stroke her with my perverted mind.

I tore myself away before I lost complete control giving one last glance at her bold hips thrust forward against the machine.   Legs open, tight ass, burned into my memory.  Opportunities lost.  Fantasies lived.


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Independent author of erotic stories.
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