Body Hair

Yes I have an opinion about hair although it’s a split opinion. I love the soft fluffy fur that graces a woman’s arms or upper legs. Virtually all women shave their legs and it used to be more common for them to just shave below the knee, leaving the upper hair for more private moments. As a kid I would dream about kissing that hair and as a young adult I was fascinated with the softness as well as the tender skin that sprouted it.

I remember as a kid seeing women in shorts exposing the hairs above their knees. Nothing beats the obsessive mind of a sixteen year old boy and from that day to this a deep sensual experience was burned in my mind. All through fantasy, of course.

As I became more experienced, I never minded the much coarser hair that protected the softest skin. I learned to lick a path between the hairs. But as it became trendy to shave the pubes, I have to admit, I find that look very attractive. My wife has never subscribed but she trims more regularly I’m sure influenced by the trend. Nonetheless I fantasize (and will keep it to that) of placing my lips against the clean shaven, smooth skin of a trendy woman. It feels and looks so vulnerable, so exposed, so easy to bring precision.

I also notice that many men are beginning to shave. What is your opinion?


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Independent author of erotic stories.
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