He Did – She Did

What are masculine versus feminine traits?  How will the emergence of women in the workplace, women in politics and women in social leadership positions change the way our institutions work?  What will be the effect on global politics?

I’ll posit the following as a starting point but I would wonder what is missing or what you think will change.

m-f traits4

What about teamwork?  Men naturally grow up in a sports/competitive environment and are used to working as a team and used to being good sports when they lose.  Do women share the same characteristics?  My experience tells me that they often are poor losers, but perhaps that perspective is from a man.

Love to hear your thoughts?


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7 Responses to He Did – She Did

  1. erikamsteele says:

    I think too many sociologist try to overly simplify things pertaining to human behavior. There are individuals who are good leaders and those who are not. Masculinity and femininity really have nothing to do with it. Often good leaders will display some combination of ALL of these traits. I hate the idea that women are nurturing, desire teamwork over independent work etc. I am far from nurturing when it comes to work. I understand that teamwork is good, but there has to be a leader to set goals and make final decisions or else nothing will ever get done. The sooner people stop expecting one to lead a certain way because of their gender the better the world would be. The more important question is what makes an effective leader. If you want to insist that women are nurturing, more willing to compromise and work with others, then the goal shouldn’t be to make a cute little graphic, it should be to show how being more nurturing and compromising can allow you to lead people more effectively. (Nothing against your post, it is a criticism of sociology [which to me is different than social science]).

  2. If you look at the two sexes objectively, I think there are very little differences. I had three older sister and there are probably as many traits of theirs in the left hand column as there are in the right. Think Margaret Thatcher and you would know a couple of my sisters. Ball busters come to mind but more deceitful than the Prime Minister. Be.. atch..es . My wife and younger sister are more from the right column. I feel the same about men managers that have most of those traits on the left. I guess there are very few traits on the left hand column that I admire.

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