69: The Awful Truth

The truth about the famous position 69 nine is quite a bit different than the fantasy.  First, size matters.  For most people their torsos are not correctly proportionate to make the 69 position comfortable for both.  The man’s torso needs to be a little longer than the woman’s since his genitals are about 6 inches longer than hers.  I wonder if this is why it pleases men and women when she is about 5 inches shorter than him.  Has our desire for the perfect 69 driven the evolution (through additional procreation) of taller men and shorter women?  In any event, only a percentage of couples are a good match.

Then, of course, there is the struggle to maintain equilibrium.  The fantasy is that both partners are able to give and receive equally while the reality is that one partner will usually be so overwhelmed with lust that they become incapable of giving pleasure in any sort of satisfying way.  I suppose there are some competitive couples who put all of their energy into being the one who overwhelms – perhaps causing a back and forth, give and take, wrestling match with a different winner each time.  In my experience, I’ve met a lot of women who just give up the fight, and enjoy being overwhelmed, concentrating on the feeling of my tongue in their secret places.

Over the years, I’ve given up on the 69 and replaced it with the 66, where one partner is allowed to relax, to sit back and enjoy the ministrations of the other.  The other partner does down and provides all the pleasure they can undisturbed by their own stimulation, and artistically, like playing an instrument, slowly and quickly brings the other partner to the brink of explosions.  Or perhaps to multiple explosions.


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4 Responses to 69: The Awful Truth

  1. aphrodite says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. Cheers to the 66! : )

  2. erikamsteele says:

    LOL. That’s why the man is always on top. Then the issue is whether or not the woman can deep throat or not. Even if she can’t, if he positions his hips right it becomes a non-issue. At least that is my experience.

  3. 69 has always been a problem for us, I’m really short, he’s really tall and quite large in size so unless he wants to die a suffocating death, we tend to leave it be 😂 what a way to go though , death by 69

  4. jillianmrks says:

    I’m with erika on this one, ha!

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