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Cara Thereon

Something for MM

Is there anything more embarrassing than being butt-ass naked in a paper gown?

Shay shifted on the exam table, glancing to her clothes piled on the chair as she considered making a break for it. Maybe she didn’t need this chec—

A knock froze her in her path to the chair, her ass hanging out in an embarrassing display. The doctor stepped in and shut the door behind him. Surprise registered on his face before an easy smile lit his face. It transformed his face from stern to handsome in a second. Not only was he not her doctor, he was attractive.

“Trying to make a break for it, Miss Thompson?”

She stood corrected; this was the height of embarrassment.

There was nothing to do except cover her ass and move back to the exam table. “I’ll cross ‘criminal mastermind’ off my career options since I…

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