Random April Fool’s Thoughts

I really hate it when companies get involved in politics.  The idea of corporations setting restrictive standards for customers or employees gives me heart burn.  The only time I feel good about this is when these companies agree with me.  Like with Walmart standing up to oppose the religious discrimination bill in Arkansas or Marriott chastising Indiana for passing a similar law.  It feels good to see companies stand up for what is right.  So that settles it then.  Companies should keep their political mouths shut (hear that Hobby Lobby!) unless, of course, you agree with me.  Whaaaa.

This will particularly ring true for those of us who live in the Northeast corner of the US, although anyone in the eastern part of the country will probably get it.  After careful scientific study, I have determined that the North Pole is moving.  By my calculations it now hovers over Greenland, causing more severe winters in the northeast United States and milder weather in the west.  While this might intuitively seem right, some people have questioned my scientific evidence.  I’ve watched the weather reports every day this winter and most of the time for the past 3 or 4 years at the very least.  And I occasionally watch the national weather.  I’d say, at least once a week and I think the evidence is obvious.  It’s April and I still have a foot of snow on my lawn.  As I write this, it is sunny and 32 degrees out.  32 degrees!

Someday in the not too distant future, people will look back upon the medical and dental practices of today and consider them barbaric.  Massive surgical interventions, crude implants made out of non-organic materials, replacing organs, chemotherapy and radiation treatments are all the equivalent of leeches and hacksaws.  Even the drugs we administer have largely been the result of guesswork, trial and error.  Ask a doctor how those anti-depressant drugs work?  We are, however, on the verge of discovering new ways of solving our medical problems including patient specific solutions.  Someday.

Better medicine will mean more of us live longer.  (I should probably say, “More of you will live longer.”)  Has anyone considered where we are going to fit everybody?  The future will likely include rising prices for food and food shortages.  The rich will claim this is the answer to our obesity problem.  As the world becomes more crowded, its global immune system will become compromised and disease will become a major factor.  I hope the world is prepared for a downsizing.


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  1. Very thoughtful April thoughts.

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