Male Masturbation

My writing is currently hobbled by a sling from a recent rotator cuff surgery, so I’m reaching into an old classic – originally written 10 years ago.  Hope you enjoy it.


I want to extend it.  That feeling that comes through the sensitive part of my cock.  That feeling that wants to keep my hips moving. That wants to keep the flesh along my shaft rubbing.  Rubbing in an effortless rhythm.  The rhythm I know that can take over all of my feelings and all of my mind and drive me relentlessly toward an explosion.  The explosion that so satisfies me.

It is the trip that I love the best.  The part of the journey that says ‘don’t stop.’  When nothing else matters but the feeling.  And so I torture myself in order to extend that feeling. I stop and wiggle my hips and try to calm my aching cock.  I do.  My stiff rod yearns to continue and I stop.  But only for a short while before I rub it again.

There is no pain or anxiety.  Only a thousand thoughts running through my mind.  Of me and you.  Your nakedness.  Your sweet pussy in my mouth.  Sopping.  I am also thinking of her and letting her watch us.  Watch me while I masturbate, here in my bed as I am doing between these words.  The words slow me down and torture me.  Such sweet torture.  Nasty thoughts enter my mind.  Please accept that they are not all of you.  It is especially sweet to have your acceptance and to feel your imaginary hand pet me tenderly.  Understandingly.  Of human frailties and desperate powerful lusting needs.  I feel your acceptance and hear your voice whisper a mother’s OK.

My rod is hard and strong and I love it like this.  Would you like to see it?  Would you like to watch me masturbate?  Can I show it to the world?  Can we get all the women in my life together and let them watch.  All the women who I have lusted after.  Let each one come and give me a kiss while I masturbate for them.  In a public place.  And as I think of the most outlandish circumstances, those feelings overcome me.  An image or two; a possible encounter or two; enters, takes over and forces an explosion.  Once, twice, three times before a pause.  Then again and again.  And once more.

How completely satisfied I feel for the moment and how utterly tired.  I think I will just cuddle here with myself for a few.  Appreciate the tingling.  Enjoy the warmth.  Dream the best of dreams.  Just for a few.


Rushmore Judd is an author of erotic stories.  Published primarily on Smashwords (, he can also be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.   His blog is at


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Independent author of erotic stories.
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2 Responses to Male Masturbation

  1. Kelly says:

    beautiful, thank you.

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