I was still dressed in my work clothes.  Dark blue striped shirt, tie to match and jeans.  I found her in our bedroom waiting for me, calling to me.  She was half dressed.  Still wearing her silky black slip over her bra.  Her stockings with the thigh garters still in place.  But gone was her dress and panties.  She was lying on the bed watching porn on her tablet.  Perhaps chatting with someone, I couldn’t be sure.

Seeing me enter the room she got up on her knees, presenting her naked cheeks to me, opening one with her hand.  “Here!  Now!” she commanded me.  I obeyed. Feeling my cock jumping in my pants at the sight of her.  And at her command.  I loved her wanton desire, her demands, her lustful commands.

Placing my face between her checks, she grabbed my tie and pulled me close.  My tongue flicked her already wet pussy.  My nose wormed its way into her brown hole.  With her forceful grip, she slid her sensitive parts up and down across my face.  Her mouth was making all sorts of strange unrecognized sounds.  My mouth was wandering all over the slit that separated her bottom and front as she directed it.  My tongue and nose probing, my lips sucking.  No boundaries.  Whatever she wanted.  I reveled in her desperation.  Inhaled her perspiration.

“Is someone else there?”   A voice strange and slightly electronic pierced the air.  “Yes.  My husband” she moaned.  And let it be known what was happening.  Dead silence from the other end.  She told me to lei on my back and proceeded to sit on my face.  And soon I had her clit in my mouth, flicking it until the final moment.  My finger found her ass and a single digit penetrated her deeply, rolling around the rim inside and out.

She slanted the tablet toward my face.  I pushed that finger in deeper and began to suck on her clit, twisting its swollen nub with my lips.  She began her orgasms, dropping the tablet, her hands run under her slip and pulled her bra off.  Squeezing her tits, screaming.  I clenched her ass cheeks, sucked her vigorously, trying to maintain a rhythm to match hers.

Spent, she fell off of me and reached with one hand and turned her tablet off.

The picture that Inspired this lustful thought:




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  1. vinnieh says:

    Wow, I can see why this picture inspired you.

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