Sister-in-Law, the Series

I recently published a second installment of what will be a continuing series, Sister-in-Law.  The original, Volume 1, was published a few years ago.  Many people have contacted me requesting that I continue the story, so I have.  Volume 2 was just published this week on Smashwords and I’m in the process of writing Volume 3.

If you haven’t read volume 1 here use this coupon (KM43L) for 50% off.  It is a hot, seductive, explicit story.

Ken, his wife, Samantha and her younger sister, Debi make an interesting threesome.  Debi enamored with her sister’s husband is young beautiful and full of curiosity about sex.  Her sister encourages her and Ken.  Slowly, seductively they get drawn into situations that amaze even the participants.

Volume 1 =

Love to hear your feedback. Enjoy.



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Independent author of erotic stories.
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