She Wants It

I know she wants it. My wife wants to see me suck another man’s cock. And perhaps to kiss him. And make him come. I don’t know why she finds the idea so exciting. But I cannot bring myself to do it for her. Even though I would do almost anything for her. Even though I love it when she is sexually excited.

She has even mentioned one of her coworkers who is bisexual and has invited him over for dinner. She wants the two of us to do him. But mostly me. I can’t. I won’t. She tortures me with the idea when we are in bed together. Playing with my cock. Making me hard.  Whispering in her most seductive voice things she would like to see me do to him.  Keeping me on edge while she fantasizes.

Question for the women: Does seeing two men together excite you?  Is it something you would like to see? What about the idea of participating in a threesome with bi-sexual men?


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Independent author of erotic stories.
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9 Responses to She Wants It

  1. Kitten says:

    Nothing for me. I am so sorry she tortures you with that. The same could be asked of men with wanting to see their straight wife with another woman, though…however…that is not what you asked.

    Would I like to have two men at once? Hell yeah. But – I don’t want them to touch at all. Not at all!

  2. I love it.
    We accept that men love to see females play with each other (bisexual or lesbian or exploring…). Why wouldn’t women love to see men do the same?

  3. Kristi says:

    It’s very exciting and erotic. Quite frankly, a lot of women can learn a thing or two from watching men give bjs. Seeing it up close and personal though. DAMN!!! It’s hot!!!! Maybe give it a go just once and put it out ahead of time that you aren’t sure about this and at any time you feel uncomfortable that you will stop. I’m sure your wife and her co-worker would understand. I’ll be interested in reading if you eventually go through with it. 🙂

    • Elliott says:

      I have wondered myself and like your answer, Kristi. I have learned a lot watching women masturbate to make me a better lover for my women.

      • Kristi says:

        Wondered about what, sucking a guys cock? It’s great that you’ve been observant while watching women and taken what you’ve learned to help pleasure them. It’s sucks when you repeatedly tell someone what’s not working and they continue to do it anyway.

  4. Elliott says:

    I don’t think I would want to do that either, Judd, but there is always a curiosity about that. I think Kristi gave good advice, and it might be worth a try. At least, it will shut your naughty wife up. Oh, I must ask… have you and your wife had a threesome with a woman?

    • rushmorejudd says:

      No but prior to getting married I did have a number of MMF threesomes – a couple with my first wife and a couple with another couple. There was never any interaction between me and the other male however.

  5. Oh my god yes! It’s so hot. I’d love my partner to be bi but sadly no dice. I still drop hints like a motherfucker though so he’s well and truly aware of it (and sometimes teases me/plays along somewhat).

  6. hedo2014 says:

    Seeing my ‘other’ happy (insane with lust) is what motivates me. So if an activity brings that grin to her face, evil twisted smile to her lush lips and makes her pussy throb and flow – then that is what I focus on and make happen. Any act is a vehicle to turning her on. Does it matter that I am uncomfortable or willing? No. I promised to give her all of her dreams, the freedom to enjoy her imaginations without the restriction or awkwardness of having to ask our compromise. It’s about giving her freedom. If I have to give up a little of myself to give her that, so be it. To be honest, the more I have to give up, the more she appreciates and enjoys that fact. Argh, I am rambling, but you get my point?

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