Shoe Tease

She was a beauty and she knew it.  In fact, she liked to show it off.  And I didn’t mind.  She liked me to go along so someone could share her excitement with me.

Saturday we went shoe shopping at one of the high end clothing stores where they still have personalized service.  She wore a blue halter top and a denim miniskirt.  And practically nothing else.  No bra, no panties.

The salesperson was a young man, very pleasant, still in his twenties with a dark complexion and black hair.  Probably Latino, maybe Italian.  Tall and lean he was immediately flustered by Sophia.  He stumbled over his words as he started to help her.  She told him she wasn’t sure if her size had changed since the last pair of shoes she bought didn’t seem to fit her well.

He got the shoe sizer tool and sat in front of her on the small stool common in shoe service departments.  It was then that he realized she wore no panties.  As she placed her naked foot on the sizer, she parted her legs opening her treasure to his eyes.  I watched from the sidelines pretending to be looking at the shoes on the shelves.  But I could see his eyes were glued to the space between her thighs.

She had a pair of shoes for him to get and while he was away she found three more pairs she liked.  He was more than willing to oblige her by putting her foot into each shoe.  She liked to try on both and then take a short walk.  More like a strut walking away from him, her ass undulating her skirt.  He was completely mesmerized as she did this for pair after pair always spreading her legs for each shoe.  Other customers went ignored.  I noticed a lump in his black slacks and he was having difficulty standing and walking to the storeroom.

I found a few pair for her to try on and I made enough contact with her to keep him from hitting on her.  I did notice the lump in his pants changed after his second trip to the storeroom.  I took this picture after she tried on about 7 pairs.  She was still going strong. She loved seeing him get more and more worked up.  What a tease.



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5 Responses to Shoe Tease

  1. Feelings full
    smooth flow

    ; ))


  2. The mental picture of the clerk in the storeroom… clever ending. A good story for Masturbation Monday, I think.

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