An short excerpt from Sister-in-Law:

She crawled in under the covers, just as Debi came out of the bathroom.  “Hey, Deb, come here a second.”  She appeared in the door.  “There are more towels in the linen closet and an extra blanket in your bedroom closet if you need them,” his wife said.

“Okay,” Debi responded.  Samantha reached over the covers and cupped Ken’s bulging crotch with her hand.

“Look at this Deb.  I think he liked the massage more than you did!” and she laughed.  “Here, take a better look.”  She threw the covers back exposing his boxer shorts, grabbing his cock and pulling it out in plain view.  It stood at complete attention in her hand which was wrapped around the middle, fully exposing it bulbous circumcised head.  He was flustered for a second but recovered and decided he enjoyed watching Debi stare at his excitement.


“Would you like to help me put an end to his swelling?”  He was shocked and unfortunately so was Debi, whose face turned a bright red.

“No, no, I think that’s your job, sis,” she said and turned away toward her bedroom.  As she was walking away, Sam yelled, “If you change your mind, just come on in.”  His wife laughed, enjoying her joke on everyone.  Debi had left all flustered and confused and Ken had been embarrassed by having his privates exposed.  Something about the situation tickled his wife and she continued laughing as she began to stroke his cock.

Their light was still on and the door open, and she resisted his suggestion they shut either.

“Maybe, she will change her mind,” his wife whispered in his ear.  “Or maybe she will just want to peek.  I’ll bet she masturbates tonight.  Can you imagine her masturbating in the other room Ken?”  Ken was so excited.  His wife drove him crazy with these thoughts of his sister-in-law.  He rolled over, slid his body against hers, lifting her nightshirt to feel her nakedness and rubbing his hips against hers.  It wasn’t long before his uncontrollable hips, rubbing against her, brought him to a hard spurting orgasm.  It would only be the first of three before he went to sleep.

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  1. niccihaydon says:

    That’s a hot little excerpt! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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