His Friend

I’m trying to solicit some additional reviews for His Friend. This is a story about a MMF threesome. Here is a coupon for 100% off for anyone who would be interested in reading it. The coupon can be used on Smashwords.

https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/50879    Coupon = PV29X (until June 4)


After the first game I was in the kitchen putting some chili on the stove.  In walked Clay and predictably he sauntered right up next to me and began to play with my ass again.  Only this time his hand strayed right into my crack and along the bottom middle of my shorts, perilously close to my pussy.  I pushed on him with my elbow.

“Don’t try to tell me that you don’t like that,” he whispered.  He snuggled closer and repositioned his hand placing one finger deep in the bottom of my crack.

“Stop that,” I said.  “What if Jake sees you?”

“Jake and I have an understanding,” he said arrogantly.

“What do you mean?” I snapped at him and turned my ass while pushing him so his hand would finally be removed.

“Well, we agreed a long time ago that it was okay to go after each other’s women.  We made a pact that if we felt an interest, a desire, then it was okay to act on it.  And you know I lust after you, Gina.”  He moved his arms around my hips.

“Did you make this pact, since we’ve been married?”  I could see him hesitate.  His eyes pointed down.  “Go away.”  I pushed him again.  “I have some say in all of this.  And I say, NO!  And I think Jake would have your balls if he knew you were doing this.”



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