Toy 1, a short short story

He invented toys and she wore them.  Often to work or while out in public.  He liked toys that could be controlled remotely and so many of them were equipped with a WIFI capability and would connect to the nearest free outlet.  It was also embedded with her work password and their home password.  This allowed him to control many of the devices most of the time from any computer.

He also liked devices that could be hidden under her clothes one way or another.  Most of them fit inside her channels but a few were strapped to her outer membranes.  Today she wore a device that fit inside her vagina.  It was rather small and long so she wore it comfortably.  However, when he triggered it, the device expanded and pressed against the insides of her pussy.  It applied a degree of pressure that was fairly severe and she could feel it expanding her inner walls and pressing on her g-spot.  When he did trigger it would expand for exactly one minute, then contract, and repeat.

He initiated the sequence only a couple of times through the day.  The first time she was in a meeting.  Sitting, thank god, and just a participant.  She clenched her legs while the device expanded.  She did her best to concentrate on the meeting which somehow made the device more stimulating.  She thought if she could actually concentrate on the feelings it generated she would be able to control them easier.  But trying to stay focused on the meeting agenda and ignoring the relentless pressure accentuated her wetness.

He continued the rhythmic pressures for about 20 minutes and then he gave her a few minutes of peace.  She thought he was done and could feel a mental sigh escape her spirit.  A release of tension.  Only to have him start it up again.  This time impossible to avoid thinking about it.  This time it brought her close to an orgasm as her mind wandered to images of him.  His big broad shoulders leaning on her vulnerable, bonded body.  His thick cock slapping her face and getting ready to penetrate deeply into her throat.

She thought about the times he brought her to forced orgasms with his devices.  His vibrators pressed against her, out of her control.  His manipulations, riding her up and down, conscious of each of her subtle orgasmic anticipations.  And her not so subtle orgasms.  And his continuation.  Pulsating, vibrating, spreading tingles, encompassing her entire torso in tortuous, never-ending orgasms until she screamed.

And he stopped.  Thank god, she thought as she returned to the meeting as though teleported in.  A deep breath, noticed by her best friend Jan, but no one else.

Later in the day, she was alone in her office, waiting anxiously for him to return.  Knowing he would.  She sat, skirt pulled up on the rolling chair, legs open, panties pulled aside.  She made sure she had easy access to her clit.  She knew exactly how she wanted this to go.   She had her own office although it had a large glass window in the door, and like always, she left the door open.  Someone could come in and she would have to give up her plan.  Her desk had a modesty cover which kept her legs hidden from those walking buy.

As though he knew she was ready and waiting for him.  He started slowly taking a few minutes between expanding the device but after a few minutes he continued to repeat the pattern on a minute by minute basis.  She had a document open in front of her on the desk.  Both hands between her legs as she worked her clit, opening her lips with one hand and attacking her little nub with the other.

Right in the middle (or maybe near the end) Jeff, her boss, stood in her doorway to comment on the meeting earlier in the day.  He leaned against the door jamb to emphasize the casualness of his comments.  She removed one hand and put in on the desk trying to look as natural as possible.  Her legs clenched against the expansion, one hand buried between them.  A finger, not rubbing, pressed against her swelled clit.

Lots of nodding to her boss and “I hear you.”  “Yes, I will make those changes in the plan.”  And finally he left.  Her slightly delayed orgasm was coming now as she opened her legs, slid forward even farther in the chair and leaned back.  She knew how weird this position would look to anyone walking by but she had to give in, opening her legs as wide as possible, thrusting her hips forward.

Right here in the office.  My god, the risk she was taking.  What if she got caught?  By Jeff!  By one of her subordinates.  Brian the cute young boy in shipping who delivered her mail.  What if the word spread about what a slut she was?  How she liked her sex filthy dirty, anywhere, anytime.  But she didn’t get caught.  She was lucky and knew she would do this again when he had another toy for her to try.

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Independent author of erotic stories.
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3 Responses to Toy 1, a short short story

  1. Carol says:

    Very erotic, loved the premise.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. I have a remote controlled wee vibe but we have not used it out yet, I think I might be tempted now

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