***Inspired by James Ciriaco.***


The break never seen

Yet the leaves still fall.


Grey dawn

A dome on the world.


Dark.  Cold.

A star giving hope.


Dirty, nasty, forbidden.

A thousand thoughts as one


Before the rushing waves.


Colliding realities

As I wade into the river.


Stuff still stuck

To the soul of my dress shoe.

About rushmorejudd

Independent author of erotic stories. https://rushmorejudd.wordpress.com/ https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Rushmore
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4 Responses to Haikus

  1. lapsedcatholicwife says:

    Enjoyed this thank you

  2. Zakiah says:

    Do the trees feel the pain when the leaves tear themselves away and fall down?

  3. exoticnita54 says:


    It’s so amazing 😉 how Much sense one can make with only ten words

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