I loved the feel of her thighs against my face.  She didn’t shave above the knee and her silky thin blond hair surrounded the top of her thigh with feminine fur.  I kissed it as I breathed in her aroma.  Her aroma called to me, begging me to come closer, and I pressed forward, kissing gently as I moved.  First it was my nose that tapped her lips and found its way between her folds.  My tongue followed and lapped her crease from bottom to top bathing her little nub in my saliva.  Again and again.  From the edge of her opening to the underside of her clit.

Then poking, rimming, spending time around her opening.  Widening it.  Pressing my mouth against it.  Pulling the rim wider with my tongue.  Tasting her.  Carrying mixed fluids northward, I gave her a tight kiss around her clit.  Slight sucking.  She moans.  More kissing and sucking with the occasional lapping.  More moaning.  Reactions, provocations, one feeding the other.  A rhythm building, cascading to a final ending.  One of pure body filled bliss.


About rushmorejudd

Independent author of erotic stories.
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