She loved to be watched.  Loved to imagine all the cocks getting hard watching her.  She made videos and put them on the internet.  She took pictures with her parts barely covered and put them in groups on Facebook.  She shared pictures on Snap-chat and wondered what exhibitionists like her did before the Internet.

She did have a few seductive dresses.  One see-through blouse.  An embarrassingly short skirt.  But found few times that she felt safe in public alone with them.  There was Jeff, her boyfriend of a few years ago who encouraged her public nudity.  Who brought her to places while scandalously dressed.  She loved the looks she got and came home with Jeff all excited.  Sometimes she would even come as fast as he did.  The images of people’s eyes, even disapproving eyes, stayed in her mind and made her feel sexy.

She liked to masturbate in front of her boyfriends and make them watch without touching themselves.  When she was done, she would let them enter her and she really enjoyed their cock inside her after her first and she would often have a second or third.  She took an international flight with Paul and when most everyone was asleep she pulled her pants down under a blanket and played with herself and let Paul play with her.  Because of the movements of people near her and the flight attendants coming up and down the aisle, they had to stop and pause and it lasted for a couple of hours and it was amazing.  She had trouble containing her moaning when she came thinking she was being watched.  Pretty sure a few were watching her, listening to her, wondering about her.

She is always looking for new ways to exhibit herself and needs your ideas?  What has been your most satisfying or frustrating public experience?


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