Coming Home

She wouldn’t tell me why.  She just came home and made her demands.  Ripping off her clothes she led me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed.  I started to take my clothes off but with a sense of urgency that I have never seen, she pushed me down and splayed her legs and sat on my face.

“Eat me now!” she said.

Her pussy was already soaking wet.  Dripping sweet juices.  I love to eat her pussy but I wondered what got her so excited.  She was hungry, rubbing her pussy against my face.  Pressing her clit against the tip of my nose and putting it directly on my lips.  I could feel its swollen state, taste its yearning.  My hands gripped her ass and I slowed her down, sucking her clit between my lips.  I wanted to make her wait, to tease her and stretch out her orgasms but it wasn’t possible.

She was lost in her own fantasy.  A fantasy she never shared.  Something happened.  I was hard but hurt, wondering.  Her moans and multiple orgasms suggested a tortuous, steamy incident.  I guess it is her prerogative to feed her lust.  And my prerogative to feel hurt.


About rushmorejudd

Independent author of erotic stories.
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1 Response to Coming Home

  1. aphrodite smiles says:

    A fine line between pleasure and pain… nice, Rush.

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