For Mary

You said it turns you on to hear what someone would do to you.

I would break into your house, tie your husband up, strip him, and make him watch while I slowly remove your clothes kissing each exposed part as I went.  I would threaten to hurt him if you didn’t go along with my seduction, yet I would be gentle, patient and concentrated on getting you excited.  I would remove all of your clothes except your panties and play with your breasts and rub my hand between your legs.  You would resist hugging me back or returning my kisses but you would want to give in.  As your nipples became erect and your pussy began to leak I would point this out to your husband.  He would get an obvious erection and I would comment how he was liking this.  Both of you would experience confused feelings.  Your husband would feel helpless, emasculated but would be unable to control his sexual reaction to seeing you getting excited.  You would wish that the circumstances were different, surprised that my focus was on you and not myself.  Aroused but restrained in front of the staring eyes of your husband.

I would remove your panties and run my tongue over your mound.  I would complain to your husband that you weren’t fully shaved and tell him that he should demand that from you.  In fact, he should do the same.  I would tongue you from your wet hole to your swelling nub, slowly.  Poking my tongue into your soaking cunt I would lap your juices and rim your opening widening it.

Moving my tongue north, I would ladle your clit with my tongue and kiss it surrounding it with my lips.  Lightly sucking on it.  I would turn you over and kiss your cheeks, slowly working my way into your crevice.  Pulling you cheeks apart I would lightly tap my tongue against your brown hole.

I would tell you to assume a doggy position making sure that you were positioned to see your husband staring and see his hardon.  I would mount you from behind and fuck you hard and furiously.  As you moaned, I would tease your husband telling him how much you were enjoying it and how wet and slippery you were.  When I finished I would make you give your husband a blow job while he was still tied up.  I would direct you to look into his eyes and to silently let him know you had no choice and to beg him with your eyes to forgive you.

About rushmorejudd

Independent author of erotic stories.
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