The Big Lie

One day I invited a few guy friends over on a Sunday afternoon to watch football. I audio taped about 3 hours of them arriving, watching the game, and cheering for the home team.  I have hardwood floors so I also made another tape of me walking down the hall and into the bedroom.  A few weeks later, also on a Sunday afternoon I told my girlfriend I had a surprise for her.

I started by tying her naked and spread eagled to the bed and blindfolding her.  I then played with her.  Massaging and kissing her breasts and licking her pussy.  But left her wanting.  I left the bedroom and in the living room put the tape on.  It seemed like I was watching the game.  The first guest “arrived.”  Then the second and the third.  Greetings and laughing pursued.  My girlfriend had always fantasized about a gang bang.

I took the second audiotape and walked down the hall.  Two sets of footprints.  Opening the door, I said, “Okay now please keep our secret and don’t say a word, just have your way with her.  Condoms are on the side table.”  I closed the door. Turning off the second tape, I was glad to see that I could still hear the tape in the living room as another guest arrived and I could hear the TV playing the game.  The living room was far enough away to make it hard to distinguish individual words but male voices and the TV were clearly heard.

I walked over to my naked girlfriend and kissed her on the lips.  She returned the kiss.  Arms and legs spread as they were, she could not touch or explore my body.  I quickly undressed and jumped on top of her, naked flesh on naked flesh.  Being conscious of not repeating my usual moves I tried to be as gentle as possible, slowly working my mouth all over her body.  She began to moan.  I sucked on her toes, something I seldom have done but she seemed to enjoy it.  Lapping at her slit with rapid gentle strokes she orgasmed for the first time.   I entered her and fucked her but only pretended to cum, pulling out quickly and using a nearby towel to wipe her up in case she realized she wasn’t leaking.

I grabbed my clothes and left, just as a cheer came when the home team scored.  The next man in fucked her quickly and roughly.  I repeated this a number of times each time trying different styles. The fourth time I put a sheath over my cock giving me greater girth and convincing her that these were different men fucking her.  It also allowed me to stay inside her without cumming for quite a while.  I could see her mind going crazy at the idea of all of my friends fucking her and she began to orgasm pretty freely thought the various sessions.

“Are you Matt?” she asked, but I refused to answer.  “Please tell me your name.”  My heart raced at the fact that I was able to convince her that she was being used by serial men.  After about the 5th man I think she began to suspect the reality.  But I continued with the game until the end, finishing her off myself, talking to her, asking her if she enjoyed my friends, bringing her to one last orgasm.


About rushmorejudd

Independent author of erotic stories.
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3 Responses to The Big Lie

  1. That’s pretty darn hot 😉😊😁

  2. That was pretty devious. I like the way your mind works.

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