Cuckold Confessions

I am crazy about you.  Hot for you.  I want the best for you.  I want you to enjoy the full pleasures of being a woman.  I want to see you fulfill every fantasy that you desire.  Life is short.  Would you reach a new level of excitement if I brought another man home?  Two men to adore you.  Two men to touch you.  Two men to kiss your naked body.

Maybe you would like me to bring home that nice young busboy from the restaurant.  I think he had eyes for you.  You saw.  And young cocks get so hard and stiff.  No softness there.  Young, inexperienced but so excited, so eager, wanting what you offer so desperately.

Or could you just enjoy the passion of a first time with another.  Not knowing what direction it will take, what position you will take, goddess or slave who knows.  It’s a dance of two complex perhaps competing desires.  It’s about surprise and anticipation.  An intimacy you can only achieve alone.  So be it.

Would it be a big man?  Large muscles and chest and hopefully a large thick cock of your dreams.  The penetration that you’ll only need once but will think about forever.  Would it be a black man?  Kinky hair and velvety skin.  Lips to die for.

Alone if you must.  I would miss the look in your eyes.  Yes, THAT look in your eyes.  Complete ecstasy.  Rapture.  I want to see that in your eyes.  I was to see you feel that.  And know that it was my willingness, the comfort of my aegis, and my love for you that made it all possible for you.


About rushmorejudd

Independent author of erotic stories.
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4 Responses to Cuckold Confessions

  1. Michael says:

    Love this…so well expressed!

  2. Love the last paragraph as it can represent more than just this story.

  3. Yikes. Recipe for disaster. Remember the movie Indecent Proposal? One assumes how it would be and feel, but on the other side of the action is a whole other can of emotional, resentful, judgemental, and insecure worms…

    • Michael says:

      Perhaps the real assumption is that this is a recipe for disaster. This lifestyle is very popular (in the world of kinks) and, while it may be counterintuitive to you, actually brings couples closer together.

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