Hidden Camera 2

They signed up for it. Well actually it was him that signed them up.  They joined the Voyeur Cam Community, a company that placed video cams in all of the rooms of your house so people could view them 24/7.  It was sold as kind of a reality show but it appealed to those who wanted to see young couples have sex in the comfort of their own homes.

Whenever I caught them in their living room, they seemed to know that I was watching.  Furtive glances toward the camera in the corner of the room, side comments to one another (silent to me), giggles and so forth were giveaways.

When they were together, he would encourage her to flirt with the camera.  He would try to remove her pants or bring out her vibrator.  She would be shy, reluctant, resistant.  He would persist but she would resist.  Then one day I caught her alone.

It was morning.  He dressed and left.  She remained behind in her bathrobe.  Sitting in the living room, a cup of coffee in her hand a computer on the table grabbing her attention.  Slowly her hand worked its way between her legs.  The bathrobe opened.  She was naked beneath.  White smooth silky flesh of her legs led to a clean shaven conjunction.  Fingers played the instrument.  Moving from one chord to another.

She left briefly to go to the bedroom and get her vibrator.  Returning she lay on the couch legs facing the camera.  She opened the robe and placed the vibrator between her legs.  Then looking directly into the camera, she confirmed that she knew I was watching.  Her eyelids half closed but the eyes continued to stare.  I could tell she was getting off on being watched.  So strange from this apparently shy woman.

She opened her robe exposing her entire nude body.  One hand surrounded a breast.  Her eyes closed as waves of pleasure swept over her.  A brief opening of her eyes again.  Looking directly at me.  Shivers ran through me.  Blood rushed to my groin.  Watching her body tense, her legs closed around the instrument in one hand, her breast was being abused by her other.  But it was her eyes that captured my undivided attention.  Looking at the camera, knowing I was watching, exhibiting herself in her ecstasy for me.  I found it incredibly exciting watching her through wave after wave of orgasm until she finally finished.  Either she was incredibly orgasmic or she enjoyed her show as much as I did.


Unable to communicate with her directly I logged in and out of her camera, setting off whatever trigger she had to know it was on.  My attempt at clapping for her, got through as I watched her giggle and cover up in a pseudo modest act.

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