Her Slave, Part 1

“Where’s Jonathan,” he asked.

“He just left.”

“May I service you today Miss?”

He wanted her so badly.  No way, she said, unless you are willing to be my slave.  She had no idea how much he wanted to serve her and fulfill her needs.  She was shocked when he agreed.

“Wait a minute.  You know that Jonathan is my husband?”  Yes.  “And you know you will not be treated the same as he.  You will be my slave and lucky to get anything in return.  Do you understand these terms and are you still prepared to come live with us?”

His heart leapt when he thought about the possibility of being so close to this Goddess.  “Yes, yes and yes.”  His voice was so excited that she was completely thrown off guard.  Did he hear what she said?  She stared at him in disbelief.

“With only one condition, that I am free to leave at any time of my own choosing.”  Okay, she thought, that makes sense. But do I really want to go through with this.  Is this going to turn into all day sex?  Is putting him up going to be a problem?

He broke the silence with Please Mistress, and she decided right then.  “I’m headed home.  Follow me in your car.”  She called Jonathan on the way home.

* * * * *

As soon as he got there he was told to get naked immediately.  He stripped in the hallway and she put all of his clothes and belongings into a green garbage bag.  He was given the guest room, showed where the bathroom was and was told to stay in his room until they decided his fate.

That night and the next day he was assigned a number of cleaning tasks.  Major tasks like cleaning all the walls and corners in the house.  Clean the refrigerator.  Clean and fold all the laundry.  Wash all surfaces in the bathrooms and kitchen.  Too much for one person to get done in the 8 or so hours allowed.  These hours were because The Mistress and Jonathan had jobs they went off to leaving him alone to work.

That same night he was asked how much time he would need to finish the jobs today.  When he said 6 more hours he was punished with a light spanking but 60 times at 10 times an hour.  Later, however, he was invited to watch while Jonathan made love to her.  Jonathan was also a submissive man but Mistress treated him like an equal most of the time and only in bed did she order him around.  She let him masturbate but told him to get tissue from the bathroom and not spill any on the floor.  Watching him masturbate, she told him to wrap the cum soaked tissue around his cock.  As the jism dried the tissue stuck to his cock.  He was not allowed to remove it until the next morning.  When he did small pieces stuck to his cock and had to be peeled off.

He finished his chores the next day by early afternoon.  It was Friday.  He was looking forward to the weekend with the two of them home.  He showered and shaved.  Then he surprised them both by having a plate of salsa and chips and the ingredients all set up for margarita’s.  (Their favorite drink along with wine based on the contents of their liquor cabinet.)

They were obviously pleased with my work today and they, too, seemed glad that it was Friday.

“We’re going to let you join in tonight – to a limited degree.  Do you like to perform cunnilingus?”

“Yes, Mistress.  I love it and could do it all night.”

“Good.  What about fellatio?”

“Giving or receiving Mistress?”

“Giving.”  Her head titled slightly backward and her eyebrows raised, one more than the other.

“I’ve never done it Mistress.  Never had an interest or desire.”

“Would you do it for me, boy?”

He hesitated slightly.  He looked into her eyes, “if you strongly desire it, I will.”

“Wonderful.  Come.”

He really wasn’t interested in sucking on a man’s cock.  He grew up in a home with a religious father where homosexuality was considered a sickness.  The thought of being with another man actually made him a bit nauseous.  Yet he was committed to his Mistress’s enjoyment and that might make it worthwhile.

To Be Continued…


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  1. dave94015 says:

    Good setting for an interesting story…it has many possibilities!

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