The Reluctant HotWife


She was trying to figure it out.  She heard what he was saying but was having trouble resolving it with her own feelings.  She could not imagine saying the same thing to him.  “Go and have sex with another man, as long as I can watch.”  That was his proposition.  She would be so upset if he did the same and it crossed her mind that perhaps this was some sort of payback for a transgression on his part.

She read up a little on the cuckold kink.   She had never really imagined such a person in any of her fantasies but it seemed there were some men who got their sexual kicks from watching their woman make love to other men.  More specifically it was watching their women have sex with other men.

They got to this point – the proposition – rather slowly but she realizes that he was the initiator all along.  First there was her surprise birthday present.  It was a getaway to New Orleans for the weekend.  A fine meal on Friday evening.  A trip to the spa for a mani-pedi, and face mask.  She returned to their room about 3:00 in the afternoon on Saturday to the surprise.  Set up in their hotel suite was a massage table and two rather large men in white t-shirts and pants.

It was what they called a four-handed massage.  He made sure it was given to her by two men.  She had massages in the past, but she couldn’t help feeling shy with three men in the room including her husband.  In the bathroom, she hesitated slightly before removing her panties.   She emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a hotel robe.  He had dimmed the lights and it took a minute to get used to the candle lit room.

Once past he awkward removal of the robe and positioning on the table, one of the masseurs put a towel on her bum, making her feel a bit more modest.  The four strong hands began massaging her, one masseur worked one side and the other mirrored the movements on the other.  She soon relaxed.  She wondered if he was aware of how sensual this was for her.  Her reservations about enjoying herself were overruled by the constant reminder that this was his idea, his gift.

She moaned lightly, giving in to the sensual feel of an unbelievable number of hands running down her body.

“Is this the right pressure, Miss?”  “Yes.”

“How about the pace? Do you like it at this speed?”  “Slow is nice.”

Yes. Their hands worked their way under the towel to massage her buttocks.   Two hands from separate directions spread her crack open.  She felt vulnerable yet excited.

Turning over, one of the men placed a small towel over her breasts while the other towel covered her moist midsection.  One man started with her feet while the other worked her neck and shoulders.  Hands moved across the top of her flattened chest.  She loved having her feet massaged.  But with so many hands on her, and not always in rhythm, she found it hard to concentrate on any one area for long.  Her mind began spinning from one part of her murmuring body to another like a tickled child.

“If that towel is in the way, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you removed it.  Do you honey?”  His words broke her concentration.  A little shocked she didn’t respond.

“See, go ahead.  She won’t mind.”  With that the man removed the towel over her breasts displaying her hardened nipples.  Hands worked around the edges of her breasts lifting and slightly squeezing her mounds.  By now the other man had worked his way up her legs and was massaging one thigh.  The other man joined him and took the other thigh.  Working synchronously again they pressed the flesh of her entire leg moving precipitously close to the junction of her legs.

“There’s an extra big tip in it, if you bring her to an orgasm.”

“No, monsieur, we can’t do that.  We would be fired if anyone found out.”

“I’ll never tell and neither will she.”

“No, no, monsieur, but thank you for the offer.”  They refused to stroke her most sensitive parts but the massage was one of the most exciting sexual foreplay experiences she had.  After the masseurs left, he gave her the kind of wild uncontrollable sex of a teen aged boy but, she thanked god, with more stamina.

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