The Reluctant Hotwife 2

Part 1 here

Then there was the time they were vacationing in Sint Maarten.  They went to a nude beach.  Many of the people wore bathing suits but quite a few women were topless.  He chose a spot away from the crowd and tried to get her to go completely nude but she kept her bottom on.  It was a tiny bottom to begin with and she felt almost completely nude just exposing her breasts.  She lay on her stomach.

Suddenly he called over to one of the native men who walked the beach selling trinkets.  He was a big, black man with long well knotted dreads.  Young, probably in his early 20’s.  He was carrying a bag full of silver jewelry.  He had a big island grin on his face and a genuine friendliness in his eyes.  He introduced himself as Sam.

“Would you do me a favor.  I hurt my wrist earlier today.  Would you mind putting some sun tan lotion on my wife?  I don’t want her to get burnt.”  He handed him a plastic bottle of SPF 30 and a twenty dollar bill.

“Sure.  I’d be glad to.”  He squeezed the lotion into his hands and rubbed them together to warm the lotion.  Then covered her back.  His hands were experienced, gentle, caressing.  Next her legs.

“Do her bum, too.  She might change her mind and go completely nude.”  Without hesitation his hands crept under the thin material of her bottom and rubbed her ass.  Slowly he rubbed lotion onto her butt.  She couldn’t help but notice that both men were stretching.  Her husband totally nude was sticking straight up and the native tented his shorts.

“Enough?” asked the black man.

“Oh, no, you have to get her front too.”  She was reluctant to turn over but after a bit of cajoling, she agreed.

“Make sure you do her breasts well.  They are not used to the sun.”  He quickly moved from her shoulders to her breasts and rubbed them extensively including her nipples.  Whenever her nipples were grazed it sent a signal direct to her pussy.  He spent an inordinate amount of time on them but she was enjoying it too much to ask him to stop.  She waited for her husband to say something but he didn’t.

Eventually leaving her breasts, he rubbed lotion on her stomach and the front of her legs.

“Don’t forget under the bathing suit.  Maybe its time to remove them.  What do you say honey?”  He doesn’t think I will, she thought.  But he was challenging her and she was feeling in the mood.

“OK honey.  Please take my bottoms off, Sam.”  His grin returned as he slowly pulled her bottom off.  She had completely shaved in order to wear her skimpy bathing suits.  When his hands began to lotion her pussy, she gave out a slight squeal, but soon she was relaxing and enjoying his attention.  His large palm spread over her whole mound, back and forth many times.

“Get it good.  That area has never seen sun either and it would be a shame to be burned there.  It could ruin my whole vacation.”

More lotion.  His fingers maneuvered between her folds, touching her clit.  She opened her legs to allow him easier access.

“That’s it honey.  Enjoying yourself?”  She murmured something unintelligible but clearly understood.  One hand worked her pussy while his other slid up to her breast and grazed her nipple.  Glances between the men were exchanged and they both knew he was no longer putting lotion on her but rather deliberately exciting her.  His fingers were like magic.  Circling her clit, sliding down her slit to her opening which he prodded and rimmed.  Her nipple pinched between two fingers.

She gave a big stretch trying to release the tension but he continued and got her moaning regularly.  She realized that her husband was not going to tell him to stop and he was determined.  They were beginning to draw a small audience as a few beach walkers had stopped and were looking in their direction.  Some of the men watching were rubbing themselves.  She began squirming just before having a massive orgasm, clenching her legs trapping his hand and trying her best to muffle her screams.

Her husband gave the man another twenty and thanked him.  He seemed genuinely pleased that this man brought her to orgasm.  She was feeling a bit guilty and awkward about it.  She wasn’t sure why.

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4 Responses to The Reluctant Hotwife 2

  1. Michael says:

    This is a really great story! Very exciting and the sense of realism definitely adds to it. Her hesitancy but slow surrender is perfection.

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  3. herwishmycommand says:

    I’ve been to that beach (I think) and it created a realism with your story.

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