Reluctant Hotwife 6

Part 1 here

Over dessert, she decided to go for it.  He seemed polite.  Perhaps a bit domineering, which wasn’t all bad and treated her husband with modest respect.  According to him he was an experienced bull and had done this before with other couples.

Her breasts were easily seen through the transparent material of the blouse.  The pink tint made her nipples look redder than ever.

They finished, the limo arrived, and soon they were in their room after getting a few heavy stares at the front desk. She asked both men to undress for her and watched them both.  There was something about being in a small hotel room perched on a king sized bed with two men getting naked that made her feel so naughty.  She could almost have an orgasm with just the slightest touch of her sensitive parts.

“Sit over there,” she instructed her husband and naked he sat in the hotel side chair, a relatively comfortable arm chair.  He sat back and let her take a good look at his straining stiff cock.  “Kevin (the name of the bull) come here and undress me.”

He crawled onto the bed.  He was very muscular but lean.  Not an ounce of fat on him but not someone who looked like a gym rat.  His cock was about the same lengths as her husband but a bit thicker and move curved.  He too was circumcised and he had shaved his parts a little while back.  Small short hairs were appearing where he had been bare.

He sat in front of her and admired her breasts as his hands worked their way down the buttons in front.  She shivered from the gentle touch of his hand against her front.  His hands pressed the material against her breasts and by spreading them sideways he was able to expose her breasts completely.  He kissed and sucked on each one as he removed the blouse from her shoulders and arms.  His head moved lower as she laid back.  Lower until her reached the top of her skirt and then with both hands he slid the skirt and the panties off together.  He admired her clean shaven pussy before lowering his head to give it life.

His mouth felt so good on her.  Moving throughout her folds there was plenty of moisture to slide his tongue around.  She was already so primed that she had one cratering orgasm as he ministered to her private parts.  She grabbed his blonde hair and pulled him close.  Taking a peek at her husband who was looking into her eyes she quickly had a second.  God she was dripping and looking into her husband’s longing eyes while another man serviced her was just too much.

“Fuck me now, Kevin,” she demanded and he didn’t waste anytime getting on top of her.  “Do you have a condom?”  Before she could answer, her husband jumped up and got one from his pants throwing it toward Kevin.  After shielding himself, Kevin pressed the tip of his cock against her opening.  He pushed in slowly and she reacted to his generous girth with a squeal.  Once in he rocked slowly, letting her get used to him.

She felt unbelievable.  Seeing her husband’s eager acceptance (he continued to rub himself in the chair) and having a new man penetrate her.  One who felt so different.  Who had such a perfect body.  Her hands reveled while they surrounded his back, feeling each hard muscle.  She felt so filled not that he was that much bigger than her husband but his girth was wonderful and the shape seemed to touch her in places that she had never been touched.

As he sped up she felt like she was slipping away from her body.  Too much stimulation.  Time disappeared for her.  Suddenly, she began to orgasm, a crashing orgasm like a tidal wave hitting the rock coast of Maine.  Wave after wave.  Each an orgasm into itself.  Contractions deep within.

She lay helpless in s pool of wetness.  Did she squirt?  She heard of it and had seen it but never experienced it.  She was spent and couldn’t move as Kevin removed himself from on top of her.  He must have cum, too, she thought.  Her husband had the biggest grin across his face and she waved him into the bed with them.  Hugged and kissed him gratefully.  Kevin was lying on her other side barely awake.

“Can I come inside you, my love?” her husband asked.

“Give me a minute.”

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  1. LarryArcher says:

    Great description of your wife’s journey to becoming a Hotwife.

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