The Reluctant Hot Wife 4

Part 1 is here

It was her birthday.  When she arrived home, he was dressed in his best blue suit.  He instructed her to shower.  He had reservations at L’Mont, the very high end restaurant at the top of the tallest building in the city.  When she finished washing and putting on her make-up she found a garment bag on the bed with the following note attached: “Happy Birthday, baby.  I hope you decide to wear this tonight.”

She opened the garment bag to find a two piece outfit.  At first, she thought it was too small.  It was a black leather skirt that was about 18 inches long and stopped just below her crotch line.  The blouse was a light pink.  You could see through it to her breasts.  Nice materials, she thought.  Expensive but way too daring to wear outside in public.  She couldn’t think of any occasion to which she would actually wear it.

She walked into the living room barefoot and swaggered out into the living room.  “Here’s your slutty looking girl.  Is this what you want?  Really!”  She stood defiantly before him and saw him melt in front of her eyes.  He was looking her up and down.  A noticeable bulge was forming in his pants.  His mouth was open.  Jesus, she thought, he’s practically drooling and he has yet to look me in the eye.

Her defiance softened as she looked down at him in his pathetic state.  Men could be so single minded.  So easily teased.  She laughed.

“What do you think would happen if I wore this to L’Mont?  They won’t let me in dressed like this!  And if they did, what do you think would happen?”

He paused a few minutes looking her in the eyes for the first time.  “They’ll let you in, for sure.  The Maitre d’ is a friend of a friend of mine and a guy.  He’ll let you in.  And what’s the worst that can happen.  We’re going from a limousine to the front door of L’Mont and back to our room at the hotel.  Oh, did I tell you I reserved a room in town for us so we can drink all we want.  I think it would be fun.”

“You think it would be fun to see men drooling all over me and treating me like a whore, cause that is what will happen.”

“Not at L’Mont.  We can count on politeness there.”  She saw him readjust his member inside his pants.  His eyes were fixated on the naked nipples under her blouse.

“Are you going to have a hardon all night?”

“Yes, Miss.”

Returning to the closet she put on her lacy red bra with the half cups under the translucent material of the blouse.  She added a fresh pair of red panties and her highest heels.  She looked in the mirror and decided to put her shoulder length brown hair into a light bun.  One last touch up and a long look in the full length mirror.  She looked like a high priced whore but a whore nonetheless.  She felt this would be a safe environment to enjoy being a whore.

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