The Reluctant Hotwife 5

Part 1 is here.

He slipped the maître d’ an extra $100 to get his attention.  He sat them at a table in the back but in the middle of the back.  All the tables were covered with impeccable white tablecloths, silver and lush linen napkins.  Each was freestanding but they were separated enough that conversations were hard to overhear.  That and a few plants and half walls created a sense of space.

There were a number of couples and a foursome in the restaurant already.  She could feel the eyes of the men follow her as she walked through the tables to the back.  The seats were leather and just a bit cool.  She could feel the dress slide half way up her bum when she sat down.  When she crossed her legs, she was aware that her whole leg and much of her hip was exposed.  They sat at a round table for two against a window.

A European busboy immediately came over and introduced himself (maybe a little too much) and poured them water, letting them know their waiter would be right with them.  He was young, had a Slavic accent, and seemed very nervous.  As soon as he left, Pierre, our waiter showed up.  He was very charming and complimented the lady on her beauty, giving her a big smile.  She leaned back so he could get a good look at her bra and said thank you.

She noticed the busboy standing across the way was positioned to see her legs and seemed to be staring at them.  A few times in her past when wearing a dress or a skirt she would open her legs and let some man look if she was in the mood.  But it seemed a bit redundant today although the thought lingered.  She crossed her legs to the other side.  Slowly.  Watching the busboys reaction.

He noticed that the maître d’ was sitting couples so that the women faced away and the men toward us by merely holding the chair for the woman.  When two men came in he sat them at the closest table.  The men at that table scrutinized every part of her in detail.  When she looked around the room all the male eyes quickly averted except for a man with his wife who sat against the wall.  His wife was talking incessantly while he stared off into the distance – at her.  His hand moved below the table and gripped his pants while looking leeringly at her.

She had to admit it turned her on.  Having everyone’s attention.  Moisture soaked her panties and she was glad she had them to soak up her juices.  She enjoyed the way they all the men seemed to succumb to her beauty.  How they all were dying to have sex with her.  How their minds were filled with dirty things they wanted to do to her.  She shifted her legs frequently and even put her knees side by side opening her legs slightly.  She had her own dirty thoughts, thinking about pulling her skirt up higher or opening a few buttons on her blouse while they all watched.

Their service was extraordinary with busboys and waiters continuing to check on their table.  Did they have enough water?  Did they want more bread?  How was the appetizer?  Is the steak cooked properly?  The constant stream of servers who dallied and tried to make small talk was an obvious ploy to get close to her.

The man at the next table bought the two of them a round and passed a note to her at the same time.  The note asked if she needed a Bull.  The man who passed the note was in his late 20’s, dressed in a grey suit which hung rather loosely off of his broad shoulders and thin physic.  She looked him over rather directly and his eyes which were staring at her turned down against her assault.

She leaned over the table to whisper to her husband, “What is a bull?”

“Is that what the note said?  He’s offering to fuck you in front of me?  Do you want to invite him back to our room?”

“Really!”  She was amazed both at the brazenness of the man’s suggestion as well as the willingness of her husband.  It seemed surreal to her, reminding her of the times she would have naughty daydreams in bed while falling asleep.  She gave no indication of a response to the young man at the next table.

“Would you like some dessert?”  The waiter interrupted her thoughts.  “Please, may we see a menu?  Can you tell me where the ladies’ room is?”  Pointing toward the front door, he indicated a hall near the front.  She got up, pulled her skirt down a bit, grabbed her purse and headed for the hall.  Feeling slightly tipsy she strutting through the room watching the men ogling her.  A and as she passed one table she heard a woman gasp.

Oh my god I don’t believe what I am about to do, she thought.  Once in the ladies’ room, she removed her bra and put it in her purse.  She considered taking her panties off too but didn’t know what would absorb her quite readily flowing fluids.  As she exited the room into the hall, she found her note-sending friend waiting for her.

“Hey beautiful.  My friend and I are done eating and I need a response to my note.  I won’t disappoint, I promise.  What do you say?”

“Well you certainly are brazen.  I wonder if your cock is as big as your balls.”

“Well maybe not that big,” he laughed.

“Why don’t you ditch your friend and join us for dessert?  And we’ll see about your note.”

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