I do wish WordPress was a bit more interactive.  Lots of views, many likes, few comments, no email.  It is what it is, I guess.

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Independent author of erotic stories.
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6 Responses to Regret

  1. Zakiah says:

    I agree with you Rush. I wish there were more comments and emails too. Just not like xanga anymore, no? Where as I used to get twenty five to thirty comments then, I now get about five or six. I have gone to other sites to drum up some activity, but no one cares it seems. Too bad.

  2. LilithEmber says:

    Sounds about right! 😉

  3. am a real creative cuckold open-minded experienced fit writer looking for a sodomizing dominatrix

  4. Emmevolution says:

    Quite sadly I have to agree with you.

  5. Michael says:

    I agree with you. Most people will at least have the courtesy of liking a post if you like some to their posts. Even then, they may not make an effort. Personally, I always comment on the works of others when expend the same energy on my writing. For the most part, we are all writers first.

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