My First Time

The first time I came, I was about eleven.  I had a hard on for days and lying in bed at night on my stomach I was rolling from side to side enjoying the thrill of blood filling my cock.  Suddenly, it started spurting and I thought I broke it.  I thought I must have broken it in half and the spurting I felt must be blood.  It was dark and I had my brother/roommate in the room.  When it stopped spurting I realized the fluid was sticky and thick and drying too quickly to be blood but it wasn’t until morning that I was sure.

The first time with a girl was with a much older woman by at least 3 years.  I was 17 and she and her mom were staying with us.  Her father was abusive and her mother had finally had enough.  My parents offered our home as a temporary refuge.  It lasted for 4 months before they resettled in another home.  She was beautiful.  Young, bursting with womanhood.  Her breasts were magnificent and it wasn’t unusual for me to have a hard on around her.  In close quarters I would see her in her teddy, occasionally in her underwear, and certainly, all dressed up, makeup and all, ready to kill on her nights out.

Her hand touched me for the first time.  Hesitantly, thoughtfully, gently.  Her words were comforting, telling me how she noticed my rigid cock.  How it was OK.  My young hormones jumped for joy.  Too quickly, of course.  But when she asked to caress me after I spouted, and held and touched me, I felt like such a man.

My first time actually having intercourse was disappointing, of course.  Too much excitement.  Too much anticipation.  The feeling of pushing my stiff cock into her very tight, very moist tunnel was way too much.  Surprisingly, she gave me another chance where I learned about giving oral sex and the sounds she made, the unmistakable orgasm made me feel like a man.  It would be many more intercourses before I learned to last any real length of time but I made it a point to please her first before mounting her.  And so began my journey of pleasing women.

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Independent author of erotic stories.
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