They met at a Company-wide conference.  He was from the West Coast; she from the East.  They had been put into a few smaller team groups, clicked and sought each other out for lunch breaks and dinner.  On the third night, they were sitting in a quiet corner of the bar with a couple of other attendees drinking.  Perhaps a bit more than each of them usually drank.  Their friends left them alone to close the bar.  Once they realized they were the only ones left, he suggested they each get one more drink and go to his room to finish them.  Once in the room, the flirtation that existed between them became more direct.

His room was equipped with 2 double beds and they sat facing one another on separate beds.  “Maybe we should just share one room tonight,” he suggested.

“In your dreams, pretty boy!”

“Afraid of what might happen?”

“Why, should I be?  What would you do if I did stay?”

“Maybe I would sneak over to your bed and give you the greatest sex you ever had?”

“Glad you don’t think too much of your abilities.  You’re probably a premature ejaculator.”

“Try me.”

“Not likely.”

“What if I told you I wouldn’t go all the way.  I would just see to it that you were satisfied.”

“What do you mean?”

“I could give you oral pleasure.  Or have some fingers involved or both?”  He thought she looked intrigued but she shook her head ‘No.’

“Really, I won’t need to have an orgasm myself.  I enjoy bringing women to orgasm and I really enjoy edging.”

“What do you mean by edging?”

“You know, staying hard but not coming.  I love that feeling of being right near the edge.”

“Do you?”  She raised an eyebrow.

“What do you think?”

“No.”  He let out a sigh of resignation.

“How about a kiss, then.  At least you can give me a kiss.”

“Okay,” she said.  And soon the two of them were on the same bed, arms around one another.  He slowly leaned in for a kiss.  She responded to his kiss spurred on by the alcohol.  It was a deep passionate kiss followed by another.  Arms moved and their bodies intertwined as they fell into a lying position.  Between kisses, he made further suggestions.  Maybe they could just take their shirts off.  Maybe he could just touch her breasts or suck on her nipples.  How about a massage?  She continued to say no.  But the kissing continued.  She could feel his hardon pressed against her legs. He grew more desperate and his suggestions took on the tone of begging.  She could tie his hands, he said, or make him keep his pants on.  Finally, she thought, I have him where I want him.

“Would you be willing to lick my feet?”  “Yes,” he said.  Another kiss.  She hadn’t actually given her permission yet.

“What about just a back rub?”  “Yes, of course.”

“What if I just let you lick my ass?  Would you do that?”  There was a slight pause but he agreed enthusiastically.  He had noticed her plump bottom and had imagined touching and grabbing it.  And the power was exchanged.

“Will you,” she said, “Do everything I ask exactly as I ask?”  “Yes.”

His pants stayed on.  Her clothes disappeared as she instructed him to remove them one by one.  He did exactly as he was told and she loved that.  In fact, it excited her to have a man do as she ordered.  When he varied from the instructions which he didn’t do deliberately, she yelled at him and threatened to quit.  But she was just playing.  She had no intention of quitting.  She let him lick her ass, then suck her nipples, more kissing here and there, and eventually, she let him lick her pussy.  He was a good lover and together they kept him restrained and on edge.  As for her, she built up so much excitement with his instructed foreplay, that she had multiple explosive orgasms.

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    Ciao, buona giornata

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    the way life should be
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