The Cage

She bought me a cage years ago but I had refused to wear it.  It would give her too much control and I enjoyed my orgasms too much.  But finally, I gave in when she came up with an offer I couldn’t refuse.  She had a good friend whose daughter attended a nearby college.  She and her roommate wanted to have some professional nude pictures taken.  They were both young and quite attractive.  Anita, my wife’s friend had encouraged their whimsical desire, suggesting that they would appreciate these pictures when they got older.  Finding a person they could trust to take the pictures presented a difficult situation.  They were reluctant to ask their friends for many and varied reasons.

I have always been a photographer.  Not for money but I took it seriously as an avocation and had some good equipment including a high-end digital camera and professional lighting.  She suggested to Anita that perhaps I could do it and she thought she had a way to ensure my trustworthiness.  This was the offer she made to me.  I could take all the nude pictures of the two young women as long as I was willing to wear a cock cage while doing it.  As soon as I returned home, she promised to remove it.

I agreed.  The idea of photographing two beautiful young women was just too tempting.  It took forever to get the cage on.  But once on it was relatively comfortable.  I showed up at the girl’s apartment and first discussed what kinds of pictures the girls were interested in while I set up my equipment in the bedroom.  They had given quite a bit of thought to what they wanted and they were looking for a series of progressively sexier pics that they might use when flirting online with guys.

Rachel was the auburn haired daughter of Anita and she went first with her roommate, Tamika looking on.  Her skin was a pale white covered with freckles.  I had her pose in her sexiest dress, a little back cocktail dress.  I took a number of pics in different poses including the straps off her shoulders.  The top completely removed with her hands over her breasts.  A shot with her sitting and her legs open both with and without panties.  Then we moved to some lingerie, lying in various positions on the bed.  She didn’t mind when I touched her to place a strap here or there, including when I meticulously placed a strap between her legs.

My cock was trying to grow as we got deeper into the sexy poses but the cage restrained me.  It felt like someone had a tight grip around my cock and was squeezing it.  Uncomfortable but not a bad sensation.  got down to just panties, trying on various ones, in a variety of poses.  I made her play with her nipples until they got hard and stood out, explaining that guys associated hard nipples with sexual excitement.  I would tell her to look at the camera or at my cock as I snapped away.  I also got some shots of her kneeling looking up with her tongue out and a few more looking down as I lay on the ground, telling her to give me her sternest look.

She had a pair of cotton low but bikini panties on when I came up with an idea.  I asked Tamika to get me a glass of water and dipping my fingers in it I asked Rachel if it was ok for me to wet her panties slightly.  She agreed and I felt my cock jump slightly inside its trap.  I carefully applied the water to her panties right around when her pussy opening was.  It took a couple of applications to get the look I wanted.  The way Rachel looked at me when I was applying the water let me know she enjoyed my finger sliding between her lips.

The pics began to get more explicit.  We did a number of stylized elegant pics but now we were into raunchy territory.  Even Tamika was making suggestions.  “Tell her to spread her lips,” she suggested while I had Rachel nude on the bed holding her legs open.  “Do you have any oil?” I asked.  Tamika retrieved some from her dresser.  “Do you mind if I oil your lips, Rachel?”  “Go ahead.”

The cage was getting very uncomfortable now as my cock strained inside of it.  I applied the oil liberally on the inside of her lips touching the edges of her pussy and her clit.  I took a pic but then said it wasn’t quite right and put the camera down while I spread her lips completely open showing the pink inside.  Her pussy was completely devoid of hair but upon close inspection I could see that her auburn hair was natural.  Her spread pussy was now perfect and I took a number of pics with her legs up, her hands behind her head, sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at me on the floor.  Each time we changed positions, I had to reposition her lips, causing me the greatest tension between sexual desire and pain in my captive cock.

Tamika was next and we went through much of the same kinds of pics.  First the classy ones in her sun dress, then lingerie, then less and less clothing.  She was an ebony princess.  Petite, with a rocking body that had all the right proportions.  Her ruby red nipples were hard from the start.  I wondered if that was natural or the result of watching me and Rachel.  She was very willing to let me adjust her and touch her.  She even asked me to put oil on her entire body when we got to the completely nude pictures.  She looked amazingly sexy all oiled up with large protruding nipples and a pink pussy surrounded by a small patch of kinky black hair.

I spend about 4 hours taking pics.  Must have completed a thousand.  Told them I would mail them to each of them.  Then, Tamika said something that surprised me.  “I heard a rumor that your wife required you to wear a cock cage for our session.  Is it true?”  “Yes.”  “I’ve never seen one.  Will you show us.”

I must have turned six shades of red but I agreed to show them removing my pants.  They were shocked and had to look it all over, lifting it to see how the ring went around my balls. I explained to them how it went on, pointing out the lock and how secure it was.  The flesh of my cock was squeezed through the bars of the lock.  The girls were smirking and making snide comments while I stood helpless before them.

When I got home, my wife was waiting for me.  She had the bed set up with ties for my hands and feet.  “Did you have a good time?”  “Yes, very exciting.”  “I want you here, naked, and prepared for a very satisfying orgasm.”  I agreed, got undressed and she tied me securely to the bed.  Living up to her word she removed the cage.  Free to grow, my cock sprang to attention still checkered with the pattern of the cage.  She caressed me, teased me, and mounted me to an incredible orgasm.

When we finished, I thought she would untie me but I was wrong.  She waited until I softened and despite my vigorous protests, she put it back on me.  And so it began

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4 Responses to The Cage

  1. Zakiah says:

    the word ‘hot’ does not describe this post’s heat adequately.

  2. Michael says:

    Mmmm, this was deliciously erotic! I really enjoy cage play and it seems he is really in for it now 🔥

  3. slave sindee says:

    lucky guy good times

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