The Spanking

It was a spanking I deserved.  She decided to share it with a friend.  She brought me to her friend’s house who had set up a wooden coffee table.  She had strapped pillow to the table and had straps tied to the legs.

My wife made me get undressed in front of her friend.  I was embarrassed to be completely nude in front of her.  She was younger than my wife and I, and quite attractive.  Standing naked before them, I could not hide my hardon.

“He must be looking forward to his spanking,” my wife said.

“Well we will change that,” her friend responded.

“Lie on the table.”  I did and her friend tied my wrists and ankles to the legs of the table.  The pillows beneath me were soft and comfortable.  They left me there while they both got a cup of coffee and whispering to one another in words I couldn’t hear.

Returning they both had paddles and with one on each side they began to smack my naked behind.  They weren’t hitting me too hard – at least at the start.  As each stroke landed on my ass my body moved slightly forward.  My stiff cock slid across the pillows causing a delicious friction.  Slowly paced strokes reddened my ass but the pain was accompanied by the thrill of each slide.  I began to push forward as each stroke landed to get more excitement flowing through my loins.

Pain and pleasure simultaneously.  So strange, so painful, yet not wanting it to end.  Focusing as much as possible on the pleasure.  At times unable to feel anything but the pain as the strokes got harder.

“Is he rubbing himself?”

“Perhaps.  He hasn’t cried yet.  Maybe we should do it harder.”  The next whack was a wake up.  That one really hurt.  The next was just as bad but as they continued the pain seemed to diminish.  I was again enjoying the rub.  The women stopped after a while as her friend commented on how red my ass was.

“Let me take a few pictures.”  My wife grabbed her phone and took a few pictures.  She made me lift my head and turn it to the side so she could include my face and my predicament at the same time.  I wondered who she would be showing these pictures to.

“Do you still have that hardon, boy,” my wife asked.

“Yes.”  The two of them discussed whether they should let me cum or not, teasing my mind.  Eventually, my wife agreed to let me masturbate in front of the two of them.  They released me and I sat on the table rubbing my cock until I came which wasn’t very long.

“This is why I have to keep him under control,” my wife said.  “He would do this every day if I let him and he just comes so quick.  He used to be practically useless in bed until he came under my guidance.”

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Independent author of erotic stories.
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