Layoffs Coming

She was the Vice President of Human Resources in a large company.  It was a very important position.  Her bitter divorce happened a year ago to the day.  She didn’t feel like celebrating.  He turned out to be a lazy son of a bitch who left her for a younger woman.  She wound up having to pay him alimony until he turns 67 years old!  Now, she was 40, childless and having to date again.  Because of her position, dating anyone in the Company was off limits.  She spent too much time at the office.  Many good friends but no lovers in sight. 

At her age, with the extra pounds she gained since she was married, and the demands of her job, she couldn’t imagine herself landing a “catch” as they used to say.  Her sex life was reduced to her favorite vibrator and a nasty porn habit she had developed.

She had a knack for fashion and knew how to accentuate her curvaceous assets even in conservative professional clothes.  She spent a considerable portion of her income on her clothes, shoes and accessories.  When Katherine Viscount entered a room, everyone knew they were in the presence of someone powerful, confident of themselves, and she was often the center of attention.

He was much younger, at 30, and also divorced.  His, however, was a brief marriage.  He was quite good looking.  Not muscular but fit, trim, and athletic looking.  He was the newest hire in the human resource group.  Just a worker bee, he had heard that the Company was planning some layoffs.  He was told by a manager outside of the human resource group who he provided his human resource services too.  The manager assumed that all of the human resource professionals knew about the planning.  But obviously, he, Zack, was left out of those discussions.  

He was sure his name would be on the layoff list.  He needed the job.  Needed it badly. 

* * * * *

His hands were sweating as he sat outside Katherine’s office waiting for their meeting to begin.  A meeting he initiated, skipping three levels of management. 

“Hello Zack.  Won’t you come in.”  She was dressed in a navy blue skirted suit, bright white blouse and a blue and red checked scarf.  She sat behind her desk and he in the chair on the far side.  After a bit of idle chat, she finally asked him why he asked to meet with her.

“Well, Miss Viscount, I’ve heard that that the Company may be planning lay offs and I am pretty sure that I am on the target list.”  His head was slightly bowed which gave his eyes a pleading look. She didn’t respond to him but keep an even stare on him.

“So, I thought I would come directly to you and make you a proposition.  I need this job, more desperately than you know.  It would be a disaster to have another short term job on my resume.  So, I am willing to be your full time servant for at least one year if you let me keep this job.”

Katherine laughed.  “And what does that mean – be my servant?”

“It means I will do anything you ask.  I will move in with you in you like.  I will obey your every wish.  I can cook and clean, and provide sexual favors if you like.”  Katherine was shocked and her face flushed red.  Yet his sexual suggestion brought an unintended moisture to her panties.  She stood up, thinking about his proposal and walked around to his side of the desk.  Sitting on the edge of her desk, she deliberately sat with her legs open a bit.  The silence was killing Zack as he squirmed in his seat.

“How do I know you will live up to your promise?  How do I know you will even be a good slave?”

“I could begin tonight and show you what an obedient servant I can be.”  There was another long silence.  Zack couldn’t help himself and was looking up the space between her open legs.

“I see you looking, you little pervert.  Is that what you are?  A pervert.”

“If you wish me to be, Miss.”

“Take off your clothes.  Now!”  Zack stood and looked around the office.  There was only a window to the outside and her office was on the second floor.  Her door was closed.  Zack undressed.  As he took off each piece of clothing, he folded it and place it neatly on the chair.  Down to his boxers, he looked at her to ensure she wanted him to continue.  She gave him a slight nod.

He slipped out of his boxers, a little ashamed of his semi flaccid cock.  Stripping naked in front of a dressed woman under these circumstances did not allow him to get a hard on as he hoped.  He looked down at this cock and thought it could be worse.  At least it was semi erect.  He was average size and completely flaccid it was ridiculously small.  She looked him over and he felt his cock grow slightly.

“Very good boy.  Now will you get on your knees and lick my feet?”  He immediately fell to his knees and slowly removed one of her shoes.  Her legs were tan and needed no stockings.  He began rubbing her foot and licking her toes.  Hmmm, she thought, quite nice.  She threw her head back and enjoyed his ministrations on first one them the other foot.

“Okay, that’s enough.”  She stood and slipped her feet into her shoes.  “You can get dressed now.  But before I make a decision, would you be willing to wear a cock cage.”  The question hit Zack like a ton of bricks.  He knew what a cock cage was and was surprised she knew.  Putting on a cock cage would seal their deal.  It would make it impossible for him to leave her or to ever disobey her.  It was giving her complete control over his sexuality.  He knew if you controlled a man’s ability to sexual satisfy himself, you controlled him completely, in every way possible. 

“I’d prefer not to wear one, Miss.” 

“Your job depends on it.”

“Then, yes I will.”  He trembled when he said the words.

“Say, I will wear a chastity cage and I will obey my Mistress.”

He repeated the phrase exactly, sweating through every word.

“Be at my house tonight at 8:00 and we will begin.”

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6 Responses to Layoffs Coming

  1. ~M says:

    I really hope you plan to continue this one. 😉

  2. slave sindee says:

    lucky Zack please do continue this

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