Legalized Prostitution

If they ever made prostitution legal, I wonder if there would be more services available to women.  I imagine it would be done in a spa like atmosphere and would include such services as:

Full body massage with happy endings.  Perhaps using a vibrator to ensure satisfaction but preceded by a sensual full body massage.

Oral pleasure in small private rooms, sitting in little chairs with handsome young men who would kneel between the woman’s legs servicing her.

The availability of expensive machines like the Sybian or those relentless fucking machines.

Multiple men available at an extra cost.

And, of course, full on male prostitutes in private bedrooms upstairs.

Do you think that legalized prostitution would result in more services for women?  Any suggestions for other services that might be offered?

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5 Responses to Legalized Prostitution

  1. ~M says:

    Well it’s already legal in certain counties in Nevada. I suspect they may even offer these services already.

  2. NaughtyNora says:

    Um, yes please! I love the idea of handsome young men, just waiting to give me oral pleasure 🙂

  3. In Germany, prostitution is legal. Brothels of any kind offering male prostitutes to women don’t exist though.
    Males in prostitution remain a minority, women buying sex even more so.
    In most cases, male prostitutes serve gay men.
    Few women are interested in or can afford the services offered by prostitutes.
    Traditional gender role models dominate the business, with women being the servants and men the bosses.

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