The Doctor

The doctor apologized before he began! 

She had come to him for the pain in her back.  He said it might be her posture which caused the pain.  Or the length of her legs or the way they connected to her hips.  He explained his technique was quite helpful in determining where the pain might be coming from.  He apologized if the technique appeared sexual.  It was not.

He proceeded to bend her over and have her put her hands on the end of the table.  His hands began to touch her sides under the thin open backed material of her johnnie.  They were feeling her body in a measured way, synchronized.  His hands were quite warm. They settled on her hips carefully measuring each bones dimension, rocking her slightly to test resilience.  As he manipulated her muscles and bones, his body moved closer and she felt his hips against her bottom.

“Hold on,” he said and he lifted her naked ass, thread only by the string of her thong, against his hips.  Began bouncing her up and down.  Her hips grinding against his, she could feel the presence of his rigid manhood between her cheeks.  He was bounding her – yes – but she could feel his hips moving too, grinding and pressing against her.   His hands moved forward onto her thighs.  He lifted her thighs and soon she was stretched horizontally with her hands planted on the table, his hands holding her thighs open, and his midriff pressed between her legs.

“I think I’ve found the problem,” he said, crouching to let her feet down to the ground.  He took a deep breath as his face came close to her bottom.  “Your left leg is slightly shorter than your right.” 

As he walked away, she felt cheated.  She realized that her emotions went from outrage to disappointment to anger in the matter of a few minutes.  In a very confused state, she wanted to take this doctor to bed.  To teach him a lesson about playing with his patients.  Or maybe to just get fucked.

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4 Responses to The Doctor

  1. naughty nora says:

    Damn this was hot! Perhaps I should see my doctor soon 🙂

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