Birthday Massage

It was for her birthday.  A portable massage table that could be set up for massage and then put away in a closet when not in use.  Along with the table he promised her a 90 minute massage at her convenience.  Her convenience turned out to be that night immediately after dinner.

He set up the table in the bedroom and let her get undressed while he waited outside.  When she said she was ready, he entered the room and began the massage.  She lay on her back to start.  This would not be the usual massage she received.  He knew what she really wanted.  A slow stroked, gentle, sensual massage.  Exactly what he would give her today.

Starting with her neck and back, he worked the muscles slightly before beginning his long strokes.  He started at her shoulders and with both hands slid down the slope of her back, over her curved buttocks, and down her legs.  He went up and down the full length of her body with these gentle strokes a number of times.

Following this up, he focused on the muscles of her shoulders and upper back.  Slow strokes, starting firm and becoming gentler.  Down one side, his hands pulling her flesh, then sweeping across it.  Down to her thinning waist, he pushed against the top of her buttocks where it met her waist.  Then two hands on each cheek, side hand in her crack.  He pulled her cheeks open and blew warm air across her hole.  His head so close to her ass, making her squirm slightly.

He worked on her legs sliding his hands between them and slowly grazing her sensitive inner thighs and butt.  She moaned, encouraging him to do this longer than he had planned.

Turning her over, he started with her feet and worked his way up.  Strokes that started on one thigh rose to her abdomen, crossed over her stomach and down the other thigh.  He gazed into her face.  Eyes shut, head slightly leaning to one side, a satisfied smile on her face. 

Moving farther north he massaged her breasts, moving the weight of each up and toward the middle.  His palms tickled her nipples, creating sparks that tightened and hardened them even more.  She was having trouble staying still.

One of her hands wandered to his pants, but he took it and put it back on the table.  “Just relax,” he told her. His hands moved down, over her stomach and framed her triangular mound.  Rubbing the general area, he tickled the hair protecting her sensitive parts.  His hands became more deliberately sexual.  Fingers sliding along her slit, opening them to his touch.  She opened her legs wider.

Leaning forward he kissed her nipple, sucking on it.  His finger found the entrance to her womb and pressed against it.  Soon it was inside of her, rubbing against the walls of her pussy. 

She was ready.  Under the influence of his hands, her mind wandered to all sorts of nasty, naughty play and different playmates.  Secret fantasies she would never share with anyone.  She moaned loudly.  His fingers sped up and his mouth slowly worked its way down between her legs finding her clit.

As soon as his lips surrounded her clit, she convulsed into a stream of orgasms. He switched his focus from his lips to his fingers and back and forth for each discrete shuddering until her legs closed tightly and her hands pushed him away.

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  1. naughty nora says:

    Mmmmm…..quite a lovely gift 🙂

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