Machine Sex

Intelligent Machine sex that detects every minute reaction of your body and responds in kind with its own stimuli.  Her story.

It enveloped me.  Lightly embraced my flesh.  Making me weightless.  Tentacles squeezing, sliding, and entering all of my sensitive spots. 

At first, I resisted its rhythm.  I could control the waves of physical stimuli that the machine delivered. Keeping my reactions in control.  I was able to successfully keep from going over the edge.  It took a concentrated effort.  The machine seemed intent on teasing me.  Changing its rhythm, the speed of vibrations, the depth of its thrusting with an intention to tease but not deliver satisfaction.  Shifting its focus from one sensitive area to another.  Just the right pressure to stimulate me.  Yet it would move on before it provided too much stimulation.  Teasing. 

Or maybe it was me.  Holding it at bay with my mind.  On and on.  Time losing its progression.  Entering a new dimension. 

Finally, I gave in.  Perhaps for just a short time, I whispered.  Just a break from the battle.  It took control and drove me along a long steep highway.  Building my tension in layers.  Yet it moved so comfortably toward the peak.  In a deep husky vibrating voice, the machine asked me if I am ready to orgasm.  The sound of his voice almost brought me over the edge.  Its tone transformed into vibrations. It sensed my relief, my utter assent, before I said it.  And it wasn’t just one organism.  Like a never-ending waterfall one release followed another.  Then a moment of rest.  A soft letdown, followed by a slow start, quickly building to a new release and another until you lose count.  Rippling until I was wholly spent.

About rushmorejudd

Independent author of erotic stories.
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