Inside the dark box I could only think about her.

Senses shut down. Obsessions begin.

I took a deep breadth and my mind wafted with her aroma.

It slid over the curve of her legs to her rounded hips

Up to her warm soft breasts.

My mind consumed with the taste of her on my tongue.

My cock, also caged, hardening but unable to break the constraint.

A reminder of ceding my orgasms to her.

Yet my senses strain against the tight fit.

Bulging desire imprisoned.

I wait impatiently for her, my goddess

To return.

About rushmorejudd

Independent author of erotic stories. https://rushmorejudd.wordpress.com/ https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Rushmore
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3 Responses to Locked

  1. Zakiah says:

    You should write more poetry, Rush!

  2. slave sindee says:

    nicely done i know that strain and pain of being caged and wanting that hard on and the wait

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