A Dominant’s Response


You want to be dominated.

Will you have my name tattooed on you?  Where?

Will you provide me with sexual satisfaction?

Anywhere, anytime, any way I want?

Will you explicitly allow me to determine

And manipulate your sexual life,

Including others, I may want you to have sex with?

Do you understand that even though

You are dedicated and loyal 24/7,

I will do as I wish with other sexual partners.

When I am entertaining, I may ignore you,

I may leave you alone,

Or require you to participate.

But, of course, I will not

Ignore you, my sweet girl.

About rushmorejudd

Independent author of erotic stories. https://rushmorejudd.wordpress.com/ https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Rushmore
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1 Response to A Dominant’s Response

  1. slave sindee says:

    This is how my relationship is with Mistress Kate & Sir without the tattoo.
    well written

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